Democrats opt for blackmail over small-business money
and the media covers for them

Democrats master the The art of Extortion

Raegotte Report

What a deal for Democrats: They get to hold the economy for ransom, and the media blithely cover for them.

On Thursday, Senate Democrats nixed a simple but urgent request to boost cash in the emergency small business loan program Congress set up this month from $350 billion to $600 billion.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin requested the cash because funds are running low, just weeks after the program launched.

Rather than comply, Democrats issued demands: They insisted the new money include $60 billion for “community-based lenders” that serve minorities, women, nonprofits and other groups. And the bill also had to OK an immediate $250 billion for cities, states, hospitals, food stamps and other needs.

“Everything is an opportunity,” explained House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Democrats, she said, will use talks over more loan funds as a way to address “disparities” in America.

And if they don’t get their way, no one gets a dime more. Never mind that businesses face bankruptcy or that 17 million people filed for jobless benefits in recent weeks.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell pleaded for action: “I am literally talking about deleting the number 350 and writing 600 in its place.” That’s it. “Please do not block emergency aid you do not oppose just because you want something more.” Full Story - New York Post

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