U.S. Created Coronavirus
to Target Islamic Nations!

And Other Conspiracy Theories

Raegotte Report

Iraqi researcher Jomaa Al-Atwani has it all figured out. He said recently on Iraq’s Al-Nujaba (that’s Nujaba, not Notjobba) TV that “Trump and other American officials ridicule anyone who says that this virus was produced in the American biological labs, as part of a biological war,” but that’s exactly what it is, “a biological war against the peoples of the region.” Al-Atwani is not alone: the world, particularly the Islamic world, is rife with conspiracy theories about where the coronavirus comes from and what it was designed to do – and yes, the Great Satan and the Little Satan, that is, the United States and Israel, are usually the culprits.

Al-Atwani explained: “The problem is that everyone believes in germ warfare, including America, which talks about this kind of war being the next war, but, at the same time, are not ready to accept [that this is] such a war. You are now waging a war against the whole world. You are waging a war against all the Islamic nations….How is this any different from a biological war? Ultimately, it should not come as a surprise that we claim America is waging a biological war against the peoples of the region.”

Of course! How could we have missed this? “Ultimately,” Al-Atwani continued, “the means are many but the goal is one: Killing the people, keeping them in a state of extreme poverty, and instigating war among the countries of the region on a sectarian, racial, and ethnic basis. If America fails to do so with this war, it will surely find other ways to kill and massacre the Arab and Islamic peoples. For us, there is no difference between a direct or proxy military war by America, and the biological war that the people of the region are now suffering.” Full Article - Jihad Watch - Robert Spencer

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