The Corona Crisis:
The Rothschilds? Bill Gates?

The Search For A Scapegoat Has Begun

Raegotte Report

It is almost a law of human nature: In any crisis, natural disaster or epidemic, sooner or later people will begin to search for the “guilty parties” and events will quickly become politicized.

Emerging crises are usually not taken all that seriously at first. Of course, at some point, panic will break out, but at least initially, the primary focus is on getting to grips with the immediate consequences of a disaster—which is precisely what we are seeing right now with the corona crisis.

But then the search for culprits always begins. Clearly, the mass population has a deep-seated need to identify individuals or groups to whom they can apportion blame. And if it is impossible to identify the group that bears direct responsibility for the disaster (as is the case with earthquakes, epidemics, floods, etc.), people will quickly blame any “officials” who have made mistakes in fighting the disaster. And because mistakes are always made during crises, it is not all that difficult to find suitable “culprits.” In terms of the corona crisis, Democrats can rightly point to Trump’s failings as he and his administration got off to a bad start by massively underestimated the scale of the crisis. And Trump can rightly condemn the European Union for its huge mistakes in the battle against the coronavirus crisis.

Scapegoats In The Corona Crisis

Depending on the country and prevailing political ideology, different scapegoats for the corona crisis are currently being denounced around the world. In China, absurd conspiracies are propagating claims that the virus was developed by the United States/CIA for use as a bioweapon. Rumors are also being widely circulated in Russia and Iran that the coronavirus is a U.S.-made bioweapon. Across the Arab world, disinformation campaigns are peddling the idea that the pandemic is the product of a Jewish or Jewish-American conspiracy to decimate the world population. In Iraq, for example, conspiracy theorists are pushing the narrative that a rich Jewish family, the Rothschilds, is behind the global outbreak. Full Article - Forbes - Rainer Zitelmann

Corona and 911

Oops - They Did it Again

Did the Ruling Cabal tip their Cards on Corona Like they did on 9-11

Shortly before the planes flew into the World Trade Center and forever altered our reality, there were some unusual goings on. In the Financial Markets certain events appear to have foretold the disaster in 2001. Some say they are merely coincidence but the abundance of coincidence leaves that a tough pill to swallow.

The possibility of collaboration amongst a ruling Cabal is quite clear.

Shortly before the pandemic flew into the United States and forever altered our reality, there were also some unusual goings on. Certain events appear to have foretold the disaster. Some say they are merely coincidence ....