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By Rick Gordon - Enigmose Political

College Left Wing Brainwashing

The lunatic fringe within the Universities , Academia Nuts, and their ludicrous activities are well documented. Writers frequently focus on the examples of ideological biases of many college professors but ignore the ripple effect they have had on society.

The academia nuts, the gurus of grandiose left wing pomposity, the professors of our colleges and universities, inducted by other useful Idiots in power at leading institutions. Protected by tenure they train the educators who go on to 2nd and 3rd tier educational institutions. Their trainees become the indoctrinaters of our children at all levels of the Educational system.

The Academia Nuts also write most of the textbooks that end up in Public School classrooms. Basically, for the most part, the Liberal Progressive Nazis control the curriculum, by determining who the Teachers are to be, and what the textbooks are to contain. The World View transmitted to adolescents as young as Kindergarten is bizarre and horrifying, much to the delight of the Liberal-Progressive machine.

Re-Writing History

As per the Leftist School Texts the founding of the United States was not about Liberty, Freedom, Democracy and inalienable rights, but only a struggle for the best interests of powerful white property owners. Ignored is the fact that most of these powerful white property owners were Tories [British sympathizers]

The civil war was not about freeing African Americans from the yolk of slavery or preservation of the union, but about economic competition between the industrial north and the agrarian south in the best interests of Rich white Industrialists and wealthy plantation owners.

The epic saga of perseverance , endurance and hardships endured by Western Settlers to create a civilization from the wilderness is a moot point. Instead the Westward movement is depicted as a crazed Genocidal advance of greedy and power lusting white men. The Myth of a Noble Savage is perpetuated, and a false image of Native Americans living in perfect peaceful harmony with nature and symbiotic coexistence with one another is depicted.

In fact with only extremely rare exceptions Native Americans, as all primitive peoples lived in a state of continual warfare amongst themselves and other tribes. They endured a very low life expectancy 30-35 years at best, infant mortality, disease and death from inter tribal warfare drove many tribes into extinction long before the whites even arrived. Did we "Steal" their lands - yes the civilized people did conquer the Americas from the primitive natives - find a nation somewhere in the world that did not at some point in its history conquer its lands. Conquest certainly is not acceptable by today's standards, but the standards of the 16th - 19th Centuries - yes it was.

United States History: Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination rewrites the Constitution of the United States. The high school textbook contains a summary of each Amendment that alters the actual initial intent, It quotes the Second Amendment as, The people have a right to keep and bear arms in a state militia.When the actual amendment states. 1. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. Which, in effect alters the entire meaning, and strengthens the stance of the Liberal Progressive Anti Gun Lobby.

The Teacher Curriculum Institute [TCI] has decided to bypass congress and take it upon themselves to rewrite the past . History Alive! Americas Past , put out by this bastion of liberal brainwashing decided to change the Declaration of Independence.The second paragraph of the Declaration, as written by Thomas Jefferson states; We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal However, their version reads this way: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all people are created equal

Now although it is true that the paragraph in question could be construed to be sexist, the Declaration is what it was - you can't go back and rewrite it to suit your current world view . History is what happened , not what you wish had happened !

Liberal Progressive endeavors to rewrite history through textbooks to suit a politically correct Anti-American left wing agenda continues at breakneck speed.

Gilbert Sewall [Education editor at Newsweek, Director of the American Textbook Council, Former history professor] wrote a study "Islam in the Classroom: what the textbooks tell us" . He reviewed some of the Nations most widely disseminated and popular middle school, junior high and high school textbooks and states that without exception they all attempt to paint Islam in a positive light, they depict a rosy peaceful religion, they downplay the violent nature of the religion and in many cases distort and or totally ignore the negative aspects and the extremists who enforce and disperse its vitriol.

'Textbook editors try to avoid any subject that could turn into a political grenade. Willingly, they adjust the definition of jihad and sharia or remove these words from lessons to avoid inconvenient truths that the editors fear activists will contest. Explicit facts that non-Muslims might find disturbing are varnished or deleted -Terrorism and Islam are uncoupled and the ultimate dangers of Islamic militancy hidden from view.. None of this is accidental. Islamic organizations such as CAIR, willing to sow misinformation, are active in curriculum politics...

African American Enslavement

These activists are eager to expunge any critical thought about Islam from textbooks and all public discourse. They are succeeding, assisted by partisan scholars and associations. It is not remarkable that Islamic organizations would try to use ready-made American political movements such as multiculturalism to adjust the history curriculum to their advantage. It is alarming that so many individuals with the power to shape the curriculum are willfully blind to or openly sympathetic with these efforts.

This mind bending is also reflected in the media , in many cases on fictional fantasy television programs such as NCIS, and various police dramas when terrorists are depicted, they are suspected of being Moslem extremists and the screenwriters twist the plot to have Home Grown terrorists being the culprit, with the final message being - see aren't you ashamed of yourselves for suspecting those poor Moslems ! The False Narrative of a peaceful Islam is drilled into society, alas those poor Moslems why do we loathe their presence ?

White Privilege White Guilt

The concept of White Guilt , and minority victimization is a common theme perpetrated on students at all levels of the educational system. One prime example is an American Diversity class taught at many schools , but one that made the News was at Delavan-Darien High School in Wisconsin. The students are basically taught if you are white, you are oppressing. If you are non white, you have been a victim. Young Americas Foundation staff member Brendan Pringle, labeled the course as race-baiting.

Professors and teachers are increasingly telling white students that they are part of the problem of racism, and are telling black students that they are second-class citizens. This race-baiting technique is an attack on American values and can only breed bitterness and envy.

Once again in Wisconsin, The University of Wisconsin Superior joined the Unfair Campaign, which looks to bring attention to the unfairness of being white.

Omaha Public Schools using $130,000 of Obama stimulus money they purchased 8,000 copies of a book called The Cultural Proficiency Journey: Moving Beyond Ethical Barriers Toward Profound School ChangeThe Cultural Proficiency Journey: Moving Beyond Ethical Barriers Toward Profound School Change by Franklin L. Campbell Jones (Editor), Brenda Campbell Jones (Editor), Randall B. Lindsey. The textbook instructs teachers that they must reject the color-blind approach to teaching in which teachers treat all children the same.

Basically it calls for privileges to be extended to minorities and homosexuals at the expense of everyone else. It further teaches that white privilege is ingrained in America. The book / propaganda manual is already part of the indoctrination curriculum in Atlanta, San Diego, Maryland, Canada and elsewhere.

The following are a few excerpts from the book

One is compelled to recognize that oppressed groups seeking equality needed to be amended into the Constitution in their quest for justice. On the other hand, heterosexual white men as a group, the unstated norm, have never needed to be amended into the Constitution.'

'It is common for teachers to proclaim they do not see color in children. Colorblindness will not end racism. Pretending race does not exist is not the same as creating equality'.

One reviewer wrote of the textbook :'...this book is disguised hate speech pretending to be a helpful enlightened book. This is real racism and prejudice under the guise of education and diversity. We don't need someone to tell us how to feel and act when we encounter someone who is of different ethnicity.'

Promoting Sexual Perversion

This sub topic is covered more extensively in a separate article The Gay Agenda in Public Schools - Perverting our Children

An important aspect of the Gay strategy involves linking the Gay Agenda to universal values that all members of society share. Basically to latch onto tolerance, diversity, safety, and peaceful coexistence amongst children of many variations - which is a good thing. It's a tactic referred to as Framing. From this simple dirt path, they seek to build a super-highway into the minds of our youth. Anybody who objected to the Gay Agendas planned indoctrination would be heretofore be labeled a heartless bully, a homophobic demon with a complete disregard for children and students.

'This framing short-circuited their arguments [heterosexuals] and left them back-pedaling from day one, .... No one could speak up against our frame and say, Why, yes, I do think students should kill themselves , This allowed us to set the terms for debate.' - Kevin Jennings - Gay Activist Obama Safe School Czar

An important goal of the framing campaign, as well as the Gay Agenda in general according to Jennings, is that eventually when normal straight people hear that someone is promoting homosexuality, they would say-Yeah, who cares? - because they would not necessarily equate homosexuality with what it really is -a disease, evil, bad, devious and in opposition to common human morality, they will have become desensitized.

College Orientation Programming

College orientation programs are frequently the initiating phase of Leftist indoctrination into the brave new worldview of progressive liberalism. Colleges and Universities under Big Brothers thumb require students to drop mental contraband like a hot potato.

Mental contraband being surreptitiously defined as any thoughts or beliefs which contradict the official ideology. Religious views [Unless of course you are a member of a protected religion such as Islam].

Racial views, not part of the official ideology [Unless of course you are a minority racist such as Nation of Aztlan, or an opponent of the "blue eyed devils"].

Homophobic views, you are forbidden to speak out against the Gay Agenda under the penalty of Academic Death.

Class warfare ideology is drilled into the minds of unsuspecting victims and the evils of capitalism and virtues of socialism are espoused.

The tunnel of oppression ,is a freshman orientation program that has been adopted at most major colleges and universities and required of new students as part of their freshman experience. Students are taught about the evils of white privilege, and rape culture and are forced to discuss their sexuality with total strangers before they attend their first class.

It is basically a sanitizing session, to delouse the incoming inmates lest the poor professors have to deal with unindoctrinated people from the REAL WORLD.

Paid Resident advisers are on staff, at public expense of course, to facilitate the students on their path to indoctrination and reinforce predetermined conclusions, in support of Liberal-Progressive ideology. Resident advisers are somewhat reminiscent of the Party commissar of that last great "failed social experiment" Russian Communism. To qualify as a Resident Adviser, you must be thoroughly indoctrinated in the racist, feminist, sexist, socialist, class-warfare ideology of Liberal Progressivism.

Prospective RAs are instructed not to view or think of themselves as merely people, but were to regard themselves, according to their classifications: black-nigger, white- oppressor, Asian - gook, gay - Queer or Dyke ,straight - oppressor. Speaking and thinking in bigoted stereotypical language of themselves is encouraged. It is basically a psychological tactic employed to evoke inner hostility regarding their oppressors - the oppressors defined by Big Brother.

At the University of Delaware, a freshman orientation program was brazenly entitled a treatment program, openly admissive that it was a form of brainwashing. This freshman treatment program included a glossary that defined racism as a term that applies to all people of European descent living in the United States, regardless of class, gender, religion, culture or sexuality. Attendance at lectures was mandatory as was one-on-one meetings with pre-programmed residence assistants. The students were taught the politically correct stances on all major social issues. See - University of Delaware: Students Required to Undergo Ideological Reeducation

Residence assistants provided individual written reports to school administrators on individual students. Thus who did not respond well were doomed to further "treatment", lower grades and more careful scrutiny. One female student who responded to the question When did you discover your sexual identity? That is none of your damn business. was reprimanded by administrators , how her college career went from there on in is unknown.

Hamilton College in New York required all male freshman students to attend a presentation to make them aware of the rape culture of which they were allegedly a part of and The need to change their rape supportive beliefs and attitudes. See: Hamilton College: Thought Reform of Male Freshmen

Rape Culture

Rape culture is a term coined by Lesbian-Feminist Fascists and used frequently within women's studies to describe a culture in which sexual violence, up to and including rape against women is not only common but prevalent. In that context who could possibly argue that Rape is bad, Violence against Women is bad - hell yeah !! it certainly is, it's detestable and disgusting.

However, in the way it is used by Liberal progressive feminists and academia nuts it is even more detestable, it's part of a tactic known as framing.

Any normal activity such as girl watching, or any comment that could possibly be construed under the furthest stretch of the imagination is classified as violence against women.

Framing short-circuits counter arguments . No one can speak up against an effective frame and say, Why, yes, I do think women should be raped and I do think women should be sex objects. This allows the feminists and Liberal Nazis to control the debate. See: Brainwashing Tactics of the Liberal Elite

A French Class Described by the Penn State University college catalog as a course in French language and culture, turned out to be little more than an opportunity for further leftist indoctrination of unsuspecting students.

The course included a viewing of the Michael Moore film, Sicko, an English language liberal documentary about the U.S. healthcare system in comparison to socialist state-run medical care in foreign countries. The school policy forbade professors from introducing "controversial materials that are irrelevant to the class subject and outside their area of expertise. However when student complained, the department chairman scoffed and quickly dismissed her appeal and backed the professors decision to make the viewing of a film attacking the American healthcare system a component of a French language class.

Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers associations. Put the party line in textbooks. Communist Goals (1963) Congressional Record -- Appendix, pp. A34-A35 January 10, 1963.

Give me a child ... and I will give you the man. - The Jesuits.

Give me the youth, and Germany will rule the World - Adolph Hitler

It starts in Kindergarten. We were given pictures to color in and to stay within the lines. What if that changed and you were allowed to draw your own pictures and color them how you pleased ? That would be too much freedom of thought and you might not learn to "follow" directions later in life. Edward Bernay's called it programming and he learned it from his Uncle, Sigmund Freud . See: Propaganda - By Edward BernaysPaperback September 1, 2004

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