China Means to Take Over the World

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China’s reach is far more widespread than many people have understood, and China’s ultimate goal is total control of the world and its economy.

China means to take over the world. That is not hyperbole or overstatement. That is their intention. Whether the U.S. public hears them or not, the Chinese are broadcasting this intention loudly.

China is a communist country. In order to run a communist country, there must be total control of every aspect of the lives of a populace. There can be no dissent because people must behave to please the structure of communism. Even the most altruistic leader will make mistakes when governing 1.4+ billion people, and China’s leaders are hardly self-sacrificing. They restrict and censor the information people see and hear, only allowing government-sanctioned propaganda to be broadcasted.

Unlike governments in the West, the Chinese government demands that all businesses operate, not according to what is best for the business and the public, but according to what is best to further Chinese government interests. If that means your business must spy for the government, then that is what you must do. If that means insisting doctors don’t tell the world about a plague that China unleashed on the world, the doctors who disobey must disappear and die.

The Chinese communist government plans to economically and militarily dominate the world by 2050 and has said as much. In order to accomplish this goal, they must dominate the only current world superpower, the United States of America. In the past couple decades, they have been slowly, methodically, buying us up. Some of the largest U.S. companies the Chinese have purchased are: Starwood Hotels (the company that owns Waldorf-Astoria), Ingram Micro (specializing in aviation and logistics), General Electric Appliance Business, Terex Corporation (which makes machinery for construction), Legendary Entertainment Group (producers of such hits as “Jurassic Park” and “Pacific Rim”), Motorola Mobility, and AMC Entertainment Holdings. ....... Read More @ American Greatness

The End of China’s “Peaceful Rise”

Two generations of American scholars held out hope that China would become “a responsible stakeholder.” In 2020, those hopes have been dashed

The deteriorating relationship between the world’s two superpowers—the United States and China—is now entering a period of grave danger. An emboldened Chinese Communist Party is now on the move in Asia and globally. Increasingly, its behavior constitutes a threat to peace and security in Asia and the core national interests of the United States. Whether the United States and its allies exhibit the strategy and resolve to meet this threat will be the single most important determinant of world order in the coming decade. Read More

China Wants to Use the Coronavirus to Take Over the World

The great-power competition has begun in earnest

... the pandemic set in motion a global competition, to contain the virus, for which China and the Chinese Communist Party seem uniquely prepared.

As the virus spread to the whole world, it became apparent that Western societies — Beijing’s true rivals — did not have the ability to quickly organize every citizen around a single goal. As opposed to China, which remains to a large extent a revolutionary society, their political systems were built for normal times. Chinese society is a mobilized army, which can quickly drop everything else and march in one direction. ...Mao once said, “Everything under heaven is in utter chaos, the situation is excellent.” ... Read More