Do you Know Where Your Sausage Has Been?

China owns Americas largest Pork Producer

Eyes are useless if the mind is blind

By Rick Gordon

Smithfield Foods’ in Virginia used to package pork for American meals. But workers now box up pig carcasses for shipment to China. Bought by China’s WH Group Ltd a few years back they have retooled U.S. processing operations to direct meat to China, which produced half the world’s pork before swine fever decimated their operations.

The pork is processed and packaged in China, outside the watching eyes of the USDA and FDA, sometimes by slave laborers, and sent back to the US.

The American consumer is not only getting porked by China, other facets of the meat Industry have fallen under their control as well. Oh well ciest la vie, they say red meat will kill you but I'm pretty sure green meat and Chinese meat will kill you a lot faster. After doing some very simple superficial research on the Chinese meat industry, I considered becoming a vegan, but I decided against it when I found you can't have any pudding if you don't eat your meat.

Purchase of Smithfield Foods

At Smithfield Foods' slaughterhouse, China brings home U.S. bacon - The transformation at the Smithfield, Virginia, plant shows how the global meat industry is adapting to profit from African swine fever, a fatal pig disease that has killed millions of hogs in China and turned the world’s top pork consumer into a major meat importer.

Apparently China has not yet acquired a sizeable poultry operation in the USA [yet] but, the USDA approved shipping slaughtered chicken to China, who then process, package and ship it back. So at least you know your chicken is choked in the Good old USA but you're not really sure of what comes back ...

Death of the American Garlic Industry - Americans consume about 3 lbs of Garlic per person every year most of it comes from China. China produces 75 to 80% of the Worlds garlic supply. California was once considered the Worlds Garlic Capital - no more. In the 1990s China started "dumping" garlic on the US market, they were selling it below what it cost to produce in an effort to destroy US domestic producers ability to compete Read More