As Pandemic Crisis Grows
China Ships Shoddy Medical Supplies to Virus-Hit Countries

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Defective medical gear from China

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Defective medical gear from China is drawing growing backlash overseas, with Finland, Britain, and Ireland being the latest to complain about faulty equipment.

Eager to portray itself as humanitarian amid the global pandemic, the Chinese regime has sent medical supplies to virus-hit countries around the world from Spain to Peru. Since March 1, the country has around four billion masks, 37.5 million protective suits, and 2.8 million testing kits, according to an April 5 statement by the Chinese customs administration.

Yet mounting instances of defective masks and test kits have called into question whether Beijing attempts at “mask diplomacy” can succeed.

Finland, upon receiving 2 million surgical masks from China on April 7 by airlift, described them to be of “disappointing” quality and unsuitable for hospital staff.

“The Chinese market is very chaotic,” Tomi Lounema, managing director of the country’s National Emergency Supply Agency, said in a Wednesday press briefing. He added that this meant that the country has to deal with a large number of obscure suppliers which makes it difficult to trace where goods are made.

“Prices are rising all the time, transactions have to be done quickly and you have to pay in advance,” he said. “The commercial risk is very high.”

Meanwhile, Toronto is recalling more than 62,000 faulty Chinese surgical masks, worth $200,000, that have been distributed to long-term care facilities, according to an April 7 press release. The city is now investigating whether anyone had exposure to the virus while wearing the masks. Full Story - Eva Fu - Epoch Times

Warring Twenties

Get ready for the Warring Twenties

The world’s China delusion is over. For three decades, the global elite has assured us that China’s rise to great-power status was “peaceful.” But great powers rarely rise peacefully, and Communist China has hardly been the exception. What China did was mete out its aggression carefully enough to give our elite plausible deniability, then bought their silence.