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'We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst.' - CS Lewis The Abolition of ManAbolition of Man

Boy Scouts of America: Why is it filing for bankruptcy?

Since its inception in the early 20th Century, the Boy Scouts of America has strived vigorously to make Men out of Boys. Not wimps, not degenerates, but honorable and upstanding men to fill the shoes of our forebears. Rabid Feminists loathe this notion and feel threatened in their psychopathic misandrism [4].

Liberal Progressive Fascists despise the Boy Scouts - Making men [and women] 'with chests' makes it a lot harder to impose their will. It's a lot easier to lead sheep around by the nose than it is people with their own minds and the courage to speak it.

A Boy Scout pledges to be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent. These, apparently are traits despised by the American Left, it's because of these very traits and the organizations policies enforcing them, that the Boy Scouts are under a continual siege from Loony Liberals, rabid feminists and assorted Left wing Culture warriors.

The liberal left for quite some time has been doing everything within its power to crush the Boy Scouts of America. There has been concerted and orchestrated efforts to bend the Boy Scouts to the demands of Liberalism.

Unlike the Girl Scouts whose National Organization has long since been commandeered by the Leftists and Lesbians, the Boy Scouts have remained steadfast in their opposition to allowing homosexuality to encroach upon their upstanding organization, and rightfully so.

Homosexual History in Boy Scouting

Boy Scouts, over the years have been victimized by homosexual pedophiles, The organization has been repeatedly sued and many Children have been traumatized.

In a number of cases, many undocumented, local Boy Scout leaders enticed accused and admitted gay pedophiles to quietly resign without notifying law enforcement authorities, in allot of these cases they simply moved on to a different region or returned to the same region after sufficient time had elapsed. In the 1970s, an Indiana Scout leader who had admitted to molesting Boy Scouts agreed to be treated by a psychiatrist,. He was later allowed to return to Scouting after his psychiatrist and minister declared him "cured." Years later he did it again.

Richard Turley a Canadian citizen molested children in California. . The Boy Scouts of America forced Turley to return to Canada, but failed to warn the Scouts Canada of Turleys criminal behavior. In 1996, he was convicted again of molesting four boys, three of whom were scouts in British Columbia. He was sentenced to seven years in prison. A group committee chair had complained about Turley's behavior and he was forced to leave that troop, but he simply joined another Boy Scout troop.

Boy Scout leader Floyd Slusher allegedly had a strategy of molesting boys: He plied his victims with alcohol, reminiscent of the Michael Jackson 'Jesus Juice', then sodomized them and threatened to kill anyone who talked.

Testimony regarding a 1976 case reveals that Slusher told a Boy Scout, as he stripped the child naked that "what I'm going to do now, if I get arrested, ... I'll come after you and your family." There were many other victims, one investigator conceded that there were too many victims to even interview them all.

Floyd Slusher was among those named in 1,247 files on pedophiles that the Boy Scouts kept 'in the closet' until they were released under a Oregon circuit judges orders.

The incidents covered only the period between 1965 and 1985 and underlines the Boy Scouts long and tedious struggle to keep pedophiles and perverts out of its ranks. Prior to 1994 , there were 2,000 US cases of abuse within the Boy Scouts of America , there are no current statistics readily available.

The Boy Scouts now require any suspected cases of child molestation to be reported immediately to law enforcement , they conduct criminal background checks, and prohibit one-on-one contact between an adult and Scout. The Boy Scouts created a sex abuse education and prevention program in 80s called the Youth Protection program in which Volunteers and leaders are trained to spot the signs of abuse.

In a meritorious effort to protect the innocence of its young members the Boy Scouts have banned homosexuals and pedophiles from its ranks. Recently, after years of intense political pressure they agreed to allow homosexual members , but remain steadfast in their refusal to allow gay/pedophile adults to their ranks. They appear to be the polar opposite of the Girl Scout National Organization, which actively endorses degenerate sexual behavior and clandestinely promotes it.

Clinton Era Persecution of the Boy Scouts

The Clinton administration persecuted the Boy Scouts intensely. So despised was he among scouts that when his signature appeared on the Eagle Scout Certificate there were numerous complaints, some Eagle Scouts actually returned their certificates and requested replacements without Clintons signature.

In June of 2000 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Boy Scouts of America are exempt from state laws that bar anti-gay discrimination. The ACLU Called the court's decision "damaging but limited," and said that the ruling will not reach very far beyond groups like the Boy Scouts. The onslaught against the Boy Scouts continued.


At the 2000 Democratic National Convention delegates booed and heckled a group of young Boy Scouts as they led the Pledge of Allegiance.

In 2001, Democrats in Congress attempted to revoke the Boy Scout federal charter. Rep. Lynn C. Woolsey, D-Calif., would revoke the congressional charter the Boy Scouts have held since 1916. The BSA received the charter for its efforts to promote patriotism, courage, self-reliance, and kindred virtues for young boys. Rep. Asa Hutchinson, R-Ark., said he was coerced to bring the bill out for a vote, bypassing the committee process by the Clinton Regime.

There was an investigation by the Clinton Justice Department as to whether the Federal land at Fort A.P. Hill could be used for the annual Boy Scout jamboree, but they found no plausible grounds to block it.

In 2004, the Pentagon settled yet another ACLU lawsuit by ordering military bases around the world not to become direct sponsors of Boy Scouting. Military personnel can now sponsor Boy Scout groups only in their civilian capacity.

In his book On My Honor: Why the American Values of the Boy Scouts Are Worth Fighting forOn My Honor: Why the American Values of the Boy Scouts Are Worth Fighting for Hardcover February 12, 2008 , Rick Perry former Texas governor and Eagle Scout writes

The institutions we saw as bulwarks of stability such as the Scouts are under steady attack by groups that seem intent upon remaking (if not replacing) them in pursuit of a very different worldview.

American Civil Liberties Union War on Boy Scouts

The ACLU has hammered the Boy Scouts with a steady stream of costly litigation. A constant barrage of legal challenges in its campaign to bend the organization to its will.

The ACLU, was founded by Roger Baldwin and Crystal Eastman. Both were devout members of the Communist Party, whose stated goal was to undermine American Society, Morals and self determination in order for Communist Socialist fascism to gain a foothold

The ACLUs relentless efforts to destroy the Boy Scouts of America is no less than a war of good vs. evil.

The Boy Scouts of America were forced remove or alter the charters of thousands of scout troops from public schools after the ACLU threatened to sue taxpayer-funded institutions that charter BSA units.

The ACLU sent a scathing and threatening letter to the Boy Scouts of America threatening legal action against any and all public schools and/or other governmental agencies that support Boy Scout groups.

The threat was also sent to schools and public institutions that either sponsored BSA groups and even entertained the notion of doing so.

Defending against the wave of ACLU lawsuits has cost schools many thousands of dollars. The ACLU threat also hampers organizations such as fire departments, and police departments from holding charters for scouting units. For decades, many, many school administrators, teachers and parents have recognized the benefits of having a scouting program in their institutions," he said. Those involved in scouting have become better citizens and students because of the opportunity.

However, the ACLU has ignored the schools' and the parents' rights to choose to participate or not in Boy Scouts. 'No one is forced to join Boy Scouts. Let's say a child has parents who are atheists. Nobody will force that child to join the Boy Scouts. Most Americans and the vast majority of parents value their freedom to choose the Boy Scouts and the values they stand for' - BSA national spokesman Gregg Shields.

'The American Civil Liberties Union is a monster... There is no question that the ACLU has distracted the Scouts from singly pursuing its mission in recent years. A constant stream of litigation and controversy over its policies banning homosexuals and atheists has transformed the Boy Scouts from a universally respected community institution into a political and cultural symbol. The Boy Scouts of America has not changed ,it clings to the same principles it did at its founding in 1910 ,but the legal and moral culture has changed dramatically.... The Boy Scouts are feeling the weight of that change. The ACLU is the pressure agent, and the Boy Scouts realize the options: either give in or spend millions of dollars in the court of law and of public opinion defending the presence of chartered troops in America's public schools.... If the Boy Scouts follow through with early plans to undo public school sponsorships, the ACLU will reach new heights of power in the American legal system. Without even filing a lawsuit, the ACLU will have the unprecedented ability to fell an organization or a cause with nothing more than a 37-cent stamp on a threat letter.' Hans Zeiger, Founder and President of the Scout Honor Coalition

The Wall Street Journal stated in its Nov. 26, 2004 editorial page titled "Bashing the Boy Scouts that:

'Legal historians may someday explain how the once-great American Civil Liberties Union came to see the Boy Scouts as public enemy number one. In the meantime, the ACLU keeps on bringing its absurd First Amendment challenges against the Scouts....The question no one seems to be asking is, who's better off as a result of these lawsuits? ......It's been 20 years since the ACLU brought its first suit against the Scouts. If there's one thing we've learned by now, it's that the ACLU offensive says more about the degraded status of the civil liberties group than it does about the Boy Scouts.' [2]

The American Civil Liberties Union attempted to stop the Defense Department from allowing the Boy Scouts to hold their National Jamboree at Fort A.P. Hill but fortunately sanity ruled , as it has less frequently in recent years.

The U.S. Court of Appeals threw out the ACLU lawsuit.

There was an investigation by Clintons Justice Department as to whether the Federal land at Fort A.P. Hill could be used for the annual Boy Scout jamboree, but they found no plausible grounds to block it.

In 2004, the Pentagon settled yet another ACLU lawsuit by ordering military bases around the world not to become direct sponsors of Boy Scouting. Military personnel can now sponsor Boy Scout groups only in their civilian capacity.

The ACLU has waged waged a vicious war against the Boy Scouts on the local level also . Coercing any public institution that assists the BSA in any way, threatening them with expensive litigation and embarrassing media exposure if they help the Boy Scouts in any way shape or form. One case was the case against the Boulder Valley School District in Colorado. [3]

Not only the ACLU , but a multitude of Lesbian Feminist, Gay and Left Wing front groups have teamed up against the Boy Scout Organization

Lambda [Pedophiles and Child Molesters Group]

Mexican-American Legal Defense


National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

American Federation of Teachers

Anti-Defamation League, California Women's Law Center

Center for Women Policy Studies

Equal Rights Advocates, Human Rights CampaignNational Partnership for Women and FamiliesNational Women's Law Center

Northwest Women's Law Center

People for the American Way Foundation

Women Employed and the Women's Law Project

Battalions of loony leftist, rabid feminist, and degenerate organizations have ganged up on this stalwart of American Morals and Decency. The cost to the Boy Scouts has been crippling, and they show signs of crumbling under the tremendous financial burden - Agencies of the United Way have stricken the Boy Scouts from their charitable rolls, and many companies have severed their historic affiliations. [Consider a donation to Help the Boy Scouts]

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