Bernie Sanders an Honest Man?
And Santa Claus uses Slave Labor

Bernie Sanders Millionaire

She Jane run - run Jane run
How the Sanders Klan Milked a profitable College into Bankruptcy

Like his colleagues, the guy with the bad hair-do, no not Donald Trump - he can't fart without Democrats trying to make a scandal out of it, the other guy - the colonel sanders look alike who didn’t collect his first steady paycheck until he was an elected official, nearly 40 years old... the same guy who referred to working class jobs as "moron work" [1] .. Bernie Sanders.

Sanders has never been properly vetted by the media as other politicians are, one because he's a Democrat and two, because nobody, not even his adoring fans in the media ever considered him a serious contender.

One of Bernies Scandals involve his wife Jane. Jane ran Burlington College, She Jane run - run Jane run - she ran the college right into the ground through either incompetence or perhaps greed. Basically she ran the college the way Bernie would like to run the country - into bankruptcy. While she 'ran' the school, it provided lavish six-figure sums to her daughter as well as the son of a close friend.

In 2010 she purchased 32 acres of lakefront property with College money, part of a botched expansion she claims. The property was bought from the Catholic Church and financed with $10 million in bonds and loans, according to the Burlington Free Press [The diocese eventually lost between $1.5 million and $2 million on this shady deal], according to local reports.. She was president from 2004 until 2011, when she resigned ... with a hefty severance package of course - $200,000. In 2016, Burlington College went bankrupt, they cited debt from Jane Sanders mismanagement as the major reason for the closure.

Aside from Jane Sanders aka miss-managements follies, Bernie is no stranger to greed and hypocrisy. A man who rallies against anyone financially successful himself is a millionaire and owns a number of homes and assorted properties. All his money was acquired after he entered politics - Bernie was never able to hold a real job, as has been well documented.

Like his colleagues Bernie and Jane Sanders have repeatedly steered money from organizations they control to friends and family. Funds have been documented by public records as having been, via creative book-keeping, being diverted to his stepdaughter, and the son of a close friend, a former colleague in city government.

In addition to the college Mrs Sanders is responsible for raping. Mr. Sanders political campaigns have been a steady source of income for his friends and familyJane Sanders, perhaps based on her 'resume', was paid nearly $100,000 for 'service's from 2002 to 2004. Sanders’ stepdaughter, Carina Driscoll, also drew a lucrative salary from the campaign- over $65,000 between 2000 and 2004.

Slightly short of $50,000 was legally embezzled by Mrs. Sanders and Bernie Buddy Jonathan Leopold and his son Jonathan Jr., a Burlington College board member. The College offered a study abroad program in the Caribbean. Leopold, owned resort properties in the Bahamas. Students as well as funds were diverted to Andro’s Beach Club and Nathan’s Lodge - Leopold properties and associates.

Leopold had previously served with Bernie in the Burlington government. Sanders appointed Leopold as city treasurer where he promptly became embroiled in a multi-million dollar scam involving a Burlington telecommunications company. Sen. Sanders described Leopold as friend so close that he was considered "family."

Bernies step-daughter ran the Vermont Woodworking School at the same time her Mummy ran Burlington College. More than $500,000 was diverted from Burlington to the woodworking school which was roughly 30 miles from Burlington. The funds were supposedly for 'classes' - I guess college students had nothing better to do than travel from their academic institution to a trade school an hour away for a 'woodworking' class ... hmmm.

The Myth of Bernie Sanders’s Honesty

Love him or hate him, and avowed socialist Bernie Sanders does evoke extremes in feeling, but even conservatives often credit him with being honest. They shouldn’t. Not only has the Vermont senator and presidential contender changed positions to capture today’s “woke” Democrat Party left flank, but there are three factors to be considered when assessing honesty, and Sanders fails in the most dangerous way possible.

Oh, he certainly possesses authentic passion. Sanders isn’t empty to the core, as an early Arkansas Democrat critic said of Bill Clinton; he’s not a full-fledged opportunist such as Queen of Mean Amy Klobuchar or Pistol Pete Buttigieg, whose Marxist father, unbelievably, was a founding member of the International Gramsci Society (you can’t make this stuff up!). Nonetheless, Sanders would certainly understand late comedian Lenny Bruce’s observation, “We’re all as honest as we can afford to be.” Full Story - American Thinker Selwyn Duke

Peter Schweizer: How Bernie Sanders has used his public service to enrich his family - According to Schweizer's investigations, Sanders' wife Jane Driscoll Sanders was appointed to several positions of influence when he was mayor of Burlington, Vt. After the pair were married in 1988, she received a big pay increase — ignoring objections from the city council.

"Bernie ignored them and that began this pattern of sort of steering money – taxpayer money and campaign money – to his family," the "Profiles in Corruption" author said.


Bernie Sanders - "I Don't Believe in Charity"
Democrat 'has no real respect or regard for civil society'

A 1981 New York Times item quotes Democratic Party presidential candidate Bernie Sanders as saying he doesn't "believe in charities," an outlook that one expert says is common in socialism and would destroy civil society.

In September 1981, the Times reported on comments then-Burlington Mayor Sanders made at a charity event:

"For the kickoff of the 40th annual Chittenden County United Way fund-raising drive in Burlington, Vt., the sponsors considered themselves fortunate to have as guests Mayor Bernard Sanders of Burlington and Gov. Richard Snelling of Vermont," reported the Times.

"'I don't believe in charities,'' said Mayor Sanders, bringing a shocked silence to a packed hotel banquet room. The mayor, who is a socialist, went on to question the ''fundamental concepts on which charities are based'' and contended that government, rather than charity organizations, should take over responsibility for social programs,'"

"It's no surprise that Bernie Sanders then, and I think even now, really has no real respect or regard for civil society," Loconte told WND and Radio America. "This is the problem with socialism. It sees such an overwhelming, intrusive role for the state at all levels, there's no room left for the voluntary society."

He [ Loconte ] said the history of America shows civil society as a indispensable part of what makes America great. Full Story - WND - Greg Corombos




1. Schweizer - Profiles in Corruption Pg. 181