Are Women Inherently Lesbian ?

Homosexuality and Feminism

Aroused Women

By Rick Gordon - Enigmose Political

Are Women inherently Lesbian ? Many lesbian feminists believe so, perhaps it is just another warped fantasy, perhaps not.

Feminazi Charlotte Bunch wrote ...

" Lesbians must become feminists and fight against woman oppression, just as Feminists must become Lesbians if they hope to end male supremacy.... Race, class, and national oppression come from men, serve ruling class white men's interests, and have no place in a woman-identified revolution....Changes which will have more than token effects on our lives will be led by women-identified Lesbians who understand the nature of our oppression and are therefore in a position to end it." [Lesbians in Revolt]

Radical feminism and the Gay movement are evil twins. Some, such as Betty Friedan, once viewed Lesbians as a cancer that parasitized the Feminist movement, however lesbians saw the feministas as a natural accomplice in their misandric man hating quest to castrate masculinity. Lesbians pretty much took over the feminist movement back in the 70s, leaving only a token handful of stubbornly heterosexual females clinging to lifeboats in their wake.

Today, many Heterosexual feminists attempt to keep the rabid Vaginatarians at arms length. Unfortunately it's like trying to kick away the sharks circling below as you cling to the life boat. .

Lesbian feminists claim that most if not all women are innately lesbian and that all women have either consciously or subconsciously had urges, attractions or latent homosexual impulses directed towards other females.

Nonspecificity of women's sexual arousal

At least one study conducted by Meredith Chivers, Ph. D., of Queens University in Ontario, tends to indicate that women are aroused by sexually explicit imagery of other women. Dr. Chivers labeled this phenomena "the nonspecificity of women's sexual arousal." [2].

The Chivers study showed both men and women a variety of sexually explicit male and female images. Nude men and women, heterosexual and homosexual acts, and sex between bonobo apes while measuring the physiological tell tale signs of arousal on the study participants.

Straight men in the study were physically aroused by women, Gay men were aroused by other men, Straight women were aroused by men, Gay Women were aroused by other women.

All as would be expected - however...

Straight Women were also aroused by ALL forms of coupling , man and woman, girl on girl, man on man, and even ape on ape. There was no response or query as to whether gay women were aroused by males.

When questioned after the viewing , most women admitted arousal only by those images which matched up with their public sexual orientation.

Dr. Chivers believes the women were not lying, not consciously anyway. Chivers stated that "Women have the capacity to get turned on by a broad range of things, ... This is normal and not necessarily a challenge to sexual identity." While Dr. Chivers may be correct in her assertion that the arousal is normal, she failed to dispel the implications of what her study exposed, the possibility that women in general either have latent homosexual capacities or are capable of developing lesbian drives.

Lesbian Feminist Claims

Lesbian Feminist ideology dictates that the majority of women are practicing heterosexuals only because the male dominated patriarchal society has beaten it in to them.

One of the first to present this argument was feminist poet Adrienne Rich who 'came out' as a Lesbian after her husband comitted suicide she stated 'The suppressed lesbian I had been carrying in me since adolescence began to stretch her limbs.' [3] Ms. Rich popularized the phrase compulsory heterosexuality within the feminist and gay realms when she espoused that heterosexuality was 'a political institution which needs to be re-examined for women to escape dis-empowerment.' [4]

Ms. Rich and subsequent lesbian feminists have asserted the heterosexuality is compulsory and that without that socially enforced mandate most woman would choose to be lesbian.

Lesbofeminists claim male dominance and the patriarchal society and its social institutions are the primary components inherent in society that enforce male supremacy and hence female heterosexuality.

Lesbofeminist Kathleen Gough in "The Origin of the Family," presented a paranoids list of "eight characteristics of male power in archaic and contemporary societies." These traits were used and built upon to facilitate instilling an Opression Mentality in women.

1. to deny women [our own] sexuality

2. or to force it [male sexuality] upon them

3. to command or exploit their labor to control their produce

4. to control or rob them of their children

5. to confine them physically and prevent their movement

6. to use them as objects in male transactions

7. to cramp their creativeness

8. to withhold from them large areas of the society's knowledge and cultural attainments

Lesbian Misandry

Lesbian misandry [man hatred] is largely responsible for the bizarre oppression mentality inherent in Lesbian intellectuals. An oppression mentality that is echoed, parroted and pumped into the minds of young intelligentsia in academia and the general public.

When a threat is sensed, your survival instincts naturally evoke a feeling of fear and you will instinctively run from the source of the threat - fight or flight. I could go into the whole penis envy scenario but that does adequately explain a good portion of Lesbian behavior.

What is relevant is that lesbofeminist intellectuals blatantly betray their misandry, their hatred of men. As Humans, we fear what we can not understand and at times can not understand why we fear it.

In many case it is a long forgotten suppressed childhood memory, abusive father, or family member, at times the child was a witness to abuse behavior either sexual or otherwise. Our fear leads us to first fear and later hate that which evokes those negative emotions, in this case the male authority figure. This is why so many attractive young women are coupled with 'butch' bull dikes who look exactly like men, minus the appendage. They are following their instincts in seeking out a man-like partner but their fear drives them away from an actual male. So instead they use a make believe man who straps on a make believe penis and their inner heterosexual is satiated. Are these women then closet heterosexuals ?

And now we have studies indicating that females can be aroused, at least on the subconscious level, by viewing any sexual activity be it heterosexual, same sex or even apes having sex. So in conclusion - Are women innately Lesbian ? - Damned if I know, but apparently it can be drilled into them.