Dragon Man Fossil

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Photos of an alleged 'Fossilized Dragon Man' surfaced recently. They are not from a museum or any scientifically credibile source, but a Japanese businessman described as an eccentric. The reptile like creature has a tail, a full set of horns sprouting from his forehead and is slightly smaller than modern man.

The remains were displayed in the Japanese businessmans shop. The original disclosure of this information was accompanied by the following description.

'The picture was not taken inside a museum but in a private gallery at the back of a clothing/lifestyle shop owned and operated by a Japanese eccentric in Tokyo (situated in the Shibuya shopping area). The exhibition had several display cases and other artifacts, including diagrams and photographs from a supposed excavation site. The photographs were sepia toned and looked like they could have been from late 1800's or early 1900's.'

Fossilized remains dragon man

'The premise was to present the possibility of a race of horned 'dragon men', complete with reptilian tails, that might have existed with considerable proof being offered in the form of these found 'fossils'.'

Fossilized remains dragon man

Dragon Fossil Found in China

When archaeologists removed the clay coating from the fossil, they found the dinosaur had a pair of horns atop its head and the shape of the dragon was evident, just like the legendary dragons so popular in East Asian legend and lore.

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