The Devil's Cemetery

Devils Cemetery

Satans Gate in Siberia

In Siberia There is is a meadow in the Krasnoyarsk Territory not far from a village called Kova. Discovered in 1918-1920 by cattlemen who watched as their cows entered the meadow and dropped dead instantly. Dogs chasing the cows entered the meadow and suffered the same fate. A story retold from several sources states ...

In 1908, a “star fell off the sky” and shepherds went to look for it. On their way they stumbled upon a burnt area in taiga with a hole in the middle not far from the road where they pastured. The road was later moved three kilometers away since they worried that their cattle will wander off to the Devil’s Cemetery and die falling through the hole. But despite all this, cows continued to pasture in familiar places and did not avoid the Devil's Cemetery. Mass mortality of cattle forced the people of nearby villages Kostino, Chemba and Karamyshevo to move out.

What makes no sense with this tale is why they didn't simply cordon off the area instead of moving entire villages?

The meadow is surrounded by dead and decayed trees and within its perimerters no trees will grow at all, although some wild grasses will. When first discovered the meadow was a large expanse but over the past century it has been slowly withering in size. Whatever power or force that posessed it is growing weaker. At first it was surrounded by dead and decaying trees, now they are still there but not as prevelant as in the past. Some stories state there is a hole, which may or may not be bottomless at the meadows center, while others make no mention of it.

One theory for the meadows existance is that a fragment of the Tunguska meteorite of 1908 may have fell there and burrowed into the soil allowing for a release of the natural gasses - radon and so forth which exist in abundance in the region. Attempts to find evidence to validate this theory failed. Another theory which has not been tested is an anomaly in the earths magnetc field at this point, how that would kill off k9 and cattle was not adequately rationalized. Researchers from the The Siberian Academy of Sciences hypothesized about low frequency acoustic oscillations and small recurring seismic shocks which could theoretically be among the causes of the animal and plant death. But the theory was never proven either.

The most viable theory come from Victor Zhuravlev, a professor of physics and methematics, who hypothesized that an underground fire is burning beneath the meadow fueled by a coal bed, which is common in the area. Burning coal emits odorless and invisible carbon monoxide gas, toxic to all living organsims


When first discovered the Devils Cemetery did not kill humans, HOWEVER people at or near the meadow reportedly develop severe anxiety and headaches. Several groups of people are said to have vanished without a trace in the vicinity. In 1982, a group of tourists from the city of Nabarezhnye Chelny in tartarstan vanished and were never heard from again. In the 1980s about 75 people searching for the meadow never made it there, or were ever seen anyway, they all perished.

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