Daniel Boones' Sasquatch

Daniel Boone Meets Sasquatch


Sasquatch Legend Meets Science

Daniel Boone once claimed to have fought and killed what sounds curiously like a sasquatch, a 10 foot tall hairy ape man he called a Yahoo, not a google or bing but a yahoo.

“Another tradition said that Boone visited Limestone about that time, staying with his cousin Jacob Boone, a prominent merchant in that town. Boone had supposedly come downriver after visiting his son Jesse at Greenupsburg and was honored at a gala dinner that included all of the distinguished local citizenry. After the meal one of the men asks Boone for a story, and he begins a tale but is interrupted by a man who claims that his story is “impossible.” With this remark Boone shuts up and despite urgings that he continue, he refuses to speak further. Later that evening, when he has retired to the room he shares with the son of the tavern keeper, the boy asks him about his silence. “I dislike to be in a crowd” Boone explains, and “would not have opened my lips had that man remained.” Well, we are alone now, says the boy, and he presses the old man to tell the story. “You shall have it, honey” says Boone, who has taken a fancy to him, and proceeds to tell of killing a ten foot, hairy giant he called a “Yahoo.” The Yahoos were giant beasts in human shape from Boone’s favorite book, Gulliver’s Travels. It was a tall tale that Boone repeated to a number of people during his last year, one such as he would have told in a winter camp. ”The Life and Legend of an American Pioneer, John M. Faragher, [1992, page 308-309]

Boone is said to have related the Yahoo killing to a number of people during his old age, but none of these tales are known to survive to our time in written form. The term he uses "Yahoo" is believed to have been drawn from his favorite book "Gullivers Travels" which describes a race of hairy wild men known as Yahoos. Till the present day Appalachian legends of Sasquatch aka Bigfoot use the trem YAHOO or derivatives thereof which many scholars believe traces back to Boones usage of the word.

Davy Crockett, another frontiersman who so often is confused with Daniel Boone also has a sasquatch tale that differred substantially from Boones. See: Davy Crocketts' Sasquatch


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