Morgawr Legend

Did Cornwall Sea Monster
Wash Up on British Beach ?

An unusual carcass was found rotting on a British beach. The body of what many believe to be a Sea Serpent. The seaside town of cornwall has a history and legend of such creatures dating back to at least the 1800s.

The rancid carcass was a serpent of sorts, roughly 8 feet long. Although it was largely decomposed, the shape is still defined in available images. Locals believe it to be the legendary Cornish monster aka Morgawr, which dwells in their waters. Morgawr, which in Gaelic means sea giant, is said to have a similar shape. The general shape is not unlike other worldwide sea and river monsters which is suspicously similar to an allegedly extinct aquatic creature known as the pleisosaur. A modestly rotund body that tapers off to a narrow neck. Chris and Amanda Crane a local retired couple first found the carcass whilst strolling by the seashore.

Some suspected it might be a seal or even a dolphin that wandered too far north, which is not unheard of. Closer inspection however revealed it was too large and oddly shaped to be either. Another suggestion was a pilot whale, but Chris Cane, it's discoverer thinks not "its head looked too unusual to me" he stated. The remaining alternative . drumroll .... the mysterious mythical Morgawr aka Cornish sea monster.

The Morgawr legend was renewed in 1975 after being dormant for quite some time, when a flush of sightings by fishermen and residents started coming in and photos appeared in a local newspaper. Although 1975 saw a rash of sightings, sporadic sightings have been documented going back to the early 20th Century, and undocumented long before that.

Supposedly in 1876 a sea serpent was captured in nearby Gerrans Bay but was slaughtered and thrown back to the sea before being examined by experts. 1906 saw a documented sighting by officers aboard a transatlantic ocean liner not far from the coast. The period from 1934 till the WWII era saw a flush of sightings and reports from thereon continue intermittentlly.

Carcass of Sea Monster on British Beah
Carcass of Sea Monster on British Beah
Legends of Cornwall excerpt

   Sea Monster by Ship Illustrationphotograph showing what may be the Paddler CreatureGuantanamo, Cuba 1971. U.S. Marine Eskin Kuhn claims to have witnessed two pterosaurs flying together. He tried to get another eyewitness to verify what he had seen, but the creatures were gone before he could pull his sergeant through the door. Kuhn later made sketches of what he saw.

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