Coincidence and US Presidents

bodies lincoln and jfk

An understanding of the repetitive cycles in nature and human events will forever change your view of history. From Washington to Biden, the "coincidences" of the Presidency have continually mirrored the Matrix in which we live.


There is such a tremendous amount of data on the Lincoln Kennedy scenario, so many people have been contributing to it since 1963.

It is not my intent to delve into the abundant conspiracy theories surrounding the Lincoln & JFK Assassinations. If you are interested in the conspiracy factor I suggest you visit JFK Murder Solved

In every instance in the Kennedy Lincoln scenario where two individuals are linked by the roles they took in the string of Coincidences, the individuals are complete polar opposites.

Take for instance Boston Corbett - the man who killed John Wilkes Booth, and Jack Ruby the man who killed Oswald.

Although there are incredible similarities in the roles they played they were anything but similar in their natures. Corbett castrated himself "to avoid the temptations of prostitutes" ..That's right he cut it off with a pair of scissors . Ruby was purported to be a whore monger and pimp.

Lincoln was a vigorous and Industrious working class Hero who fought his way up from obscurity. Kennedy never put in a honest days work in his life - He was a pampered son of an Irish Gangster.

The reason many of the events and circumstances are so eerily similar is that they are both trapped inside the same video game, the same Holographic Reality, the same "Matrix" along with the rest of humanity, at different but parallel points in history.

The Secret Physics of Coincidence: Quantum phenomena and fate - Can quantum physics explain paranormal phenomena?

1860- Abraham Lincoln elected president

1960- John f. Kennedy elected President

1865 Lincoln Assassinated

1963 Kennedy Assassinated *2 Year Difference

Both are alleged to have been Assassinated by conspiracy

Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846. Kennedy 1946

Abraham Lincoln died in 1865. his successor Andrew Johnson died in 1875 of natural causes

John F. Kennedy died in *1963; his successor Lyndon Johnson died in 1973 of natural causes. * 2 year difference again

John Wilkes Booth was born in 1838 Lee Harvey Oswald was born in 1939.

Abraham Lincoln was involved in the Historically significant Lincoln/Douglas debates in -1858

John F. Kennedy was involved in the Historically significant Kennedy/Nixon Debates - 1960 * 2 year difference again

Lincoln was shot on Good Friday. Kennedy was shot on the Friday before Thanksgiving. These two are the only Christian holidays that don't fall on the same calendar date each year

Lincoln was related to Levi Lincoln a Massachusetts politician of his time. Kennedy was a Massachusetts Politician of his time

Both presidents were related to ambassadors to the Court of St. James's (Great Britain)

Both were runners-up for their party's nomination for vice-president in '56.

Lincoln had sons named Robert and Edward. Kennedy had brothers named Robert and Edward.

Lincolns Stepmothers name was Sarah Bush Johnston. Sarah Johnston became a Lincoln when she married Lincolns father. Andrew Johnson became a president after Lincolns death

Lincolns Stepmother married her first husband in 1806 he died in October 1818. Lincolns father married his first wife in 1806 she died in October 1818

Lincolns Mother died in October 1818, his wife was born in 1818 shortly after the mothers death.

Both Presidents wives married while in their thirties. Each wife had been previously engaged to someone else. Both wives were from socially prominent families. Both were fluent in French. Both were known for their high fashion in clothes.

Both presidents were second children and named for their grandfathers.

Both Presidents were related to Democratic US Attorneys General who graduated from Harvard. Lincoln was related to Levi Lincoln, Sr. who served under Jefferson; and Robert Kennedy filled the post during his brothers Presidency.

Kennedy had a secretary named Evelyn Lincoln (whose husband Harold's nickname was Abe, Lincoln never had a secretary named Kennedy. His secretaries were John Nicolay and John Hay.

At one time considered for Lincolns running mate/Vice President was a man named John Kennedy of Maryland , this John Kennedy served as Sec. of the Navy under Fillmore -[1.]

In a 1951 Movie the The Tall Target a character named John Kennedy saves Lincoln from assassination.

The handyman, and part-time concession operator at Ford's Theater was Joseph Burroughs. The concession stand operator at the Texas Theater was Butch Burroughs.

Both presidents were friends with Illinois Democrats named Adlai E. Stevenson; Lincoln's friend would become Grover Cleveland's vice president and Kennedy's friend would twice be the Democratic presidential nominee.

Both knew a Doctor Charles Taft. Lincoln was treated by Dr. Charles Sabin Taft, M.D., who was the half-brother of son Tad's playmates and chief surgeon at the Judiciary Square Hospital. Kennedy knew Dr. Charles Phelps Taft, LLD, who was mayor of Cincinnati (Ohio) and son of President William Howard Taft.

The Vice Presidents

Andrew Johnson Born in Raleigh, North Carolina, in 1808, not far from Johnson City ,TENNESSEE. Which his ancestors help found.

Lyndon Johnson born in 1908, not far from Johnson City TEXAS, Which his ancestors help found.

--Both Johnson's were the fathers of two daughters.

--Both Johnson's were former southern senators.

--Both Johnson's entered the presidency in their mid-fifties.

--Both Johnson's had urethral stones, the only presidents to have them.

The Assassins

The Alleged Assassins of both were known "Enemy" sympathizers. Booth supported the Confederacy and Oswald supported the Communists.

Both assassins were shot before their version of the presidential assassination could be learned.

Both assassins often used aliases. Booth frequently used "J. Wilkes" --Oswald used the name "Alek J. Hidell."

Both assassins were commonly referred to by three names: John Wilkes Booth - Lee Harvey Oswald.

Both assassins were shot in a blaze of light--Booth after the barn was set afire and Oswald in front of the television cameras.

Booth shot while trying to avoid apprehension by a law officer ( Union Soldier), and therefore was never captured. Oswald was captured but he was alleged to have shot a law enf. officer who theorists say was trying to shoot him. He was safely in custody, but was shot by a civilian (Jack Ruby) several days later.

Both assassins struck in their mid-twenties.

Each assassin was detained by an officer named Baker. Lt. Luther B. Baker was the leader of the cavalry patrol which trapped Booth at Garrett's barn. Officer Marion L. Baker, a Dallas motorcycle patrolman, briefly detained Oswald on the second floor of the School Depository until he learned that he was an employee there.

Booth was a private in the Virginia militia, Oswald was a private in the Marine Corps.

Oswald shot Lincoln from a warehouse and ran to a theater, Booth shot Lincoln at a theater and ran to a warehouse.

Assassins of the Assassins

Both assassins of the assassins had changed their names. Corbett's real first name was Thomas. Ruby changed his name from Jacob Rubenstein.

Corbett [Booths Killer] was a Private in the Union Army. Ruby [Oswalds Killer] was a Private in the Army Air Force

Shortly after his father was assassinated, Robert T. Lincoln moved to a home located at 3014 N Street, N.W., in Georgetown.

Shortly after his father was assassinated, JFK jr and the Kennedy family moved to a home located at 3017 N Street, N.W., in Georgetown. Civil War Curiosities: Strange Stories, Oddities, Events, and Coincidences

Each couple had four children Two of whom died before reaching puberty.

Lincoln's son Tad, had his funeral held on July 16, 1871.Later he was exhumed and moved to a different grave site.

Kennedy's son JFK Jr. was lost at sea on July 16, 1999.Later he was found, brought up, and then re-buried at sea.

Succeeding Presidents

Grant & Nixon

1868-Ulysses S. Grant elected president /1872-Grant Involved in Credit Mobilier Scandal

1968-Richard M. Nixon elected president /1972-Nixon involved in Watergate Scandal

Both were republicans elected in '68 and reelected in '72

Nixon served under a Great General of "The Last War" . Dwight D. Eisenhower --Grant was a Great General of "The Last War".

Richard M. Nixon = 13

Ulysses S. Grant = 13

Nixon was succeeded by Gerald R. Ford who finished Nixon's term.

Grant was succeeded by RutherFord b. Hayes--Rutherford Birchard Hayes / Gerald Rudolph Ford

Reagan and Garfield

1880-James Garfield Elected President /1881 James Garfield Shot

1980-Ronald Reagan Elected President /1981 Ronald Reagan Shot.

Garfield was shot by a man with a history of Mental Illness.

Reagan was shot by a man with a history of Mental Illness

An insanity defense was used at Garfield's shooters trial - unsuccessfully - He was hung in June {82}

An insanity defense was used at Reagan's shooters trial -successfully- He was acquitted in June {81}

Garfield's shooters irrational obsession lead him to believe he would achieve greatness to the World.

Reagan's shooters irrational obsession lead him to believe he would achieve greatness to Jody Foster.

Garfield entered the Military and quickly rose through the ranks

Reagan entered the Military and quickly rose through the ranks

After the War Garfield initially returned to his Career -teaching

After the War Reagan initially returned to his Career -acting

Reagan would-be assassin was obsessed and disturbed due to his infatuation with an actress and the movie Taxi Driver, Ronald Reagan was a former Movie actor

Clinton and Cleveland Coincidences

Stephen Grover Cleveland was elected Governor in 1882

William Jefferson Clinton was elected Governor in 1982

Stephen Grover Cleveland was elected President in 1892

William Jefferson Clinton was elected President in 1992

Stephen Grover Cleveland contains 22 letters

William Jefferson Blythe contains 22 letters(Bill's mother married Roger Clinton when Bill was four and he took the name when he was in high school.)

Grover Cleveland lived in Clinton NY and attended the Clinton Liberal Institute

Cleveland and Clinton Arkansas are adjacent zips Cleveland NY zip numbers=Clinton AR zip numbers

Stephen Grover Cleveland was the 22nd AND 24th President 22+24=46

Stephen Grover Cleveland lived in Fayetteville, NY, twice

William Jefferson Clinton lived in Fayetteville, Ark, twice

Both were democrats who took office after a long Republican

Both publicly admitted out of wedlock sex-accepted by public as OK

Both were elected to office twice, after being defeated (Clinton as Gov. and Cleveland as Pres.)

1. A list of strange and eerie coincidences of cosmic significance concerning the lives of Millard Fillmore and Chester Alan Arthur: Earthshaking ... concerning obscure U.S. presidents series)