Hitler Alive and Running for Mayor in Peru

Hitler Squares Off Against Lenin


Hitler is alive and back in politics. He's running for re election to his old job in a small Peruvian Town, and to add irony to insult he's running against Lenin !? His opponent is Lenin Vladimir Rodriguez Valverde.

South American Hitler Namesake

Adolf Hitler ? ... No, if he were alive he'd be pushing 130 years old, but his namesake, Hitler Alba Sanchez the former mayor of Yungar, in Carhuaz, Peru is running for office again. His slogan is "I'm the Good Hitler"

As per the modern day Hitler, his parents did not even know who the evil Hitler was and named him Hitler because it sounded foreign and they liked the name. He never changed his name he states out of respect for his father. The Peruvian Hitler claimed to share none of the Left Wing Nazi ideology.