Female Body In Russia Coal Bed
is 800 Million Years Old

Tisulsky Princess

800 Million Year Old Cadaver

The tale of the Tisulsky Princess comes from the backwaters of Southern Siberia in the Russian Federation. The story was originally printed in an obscure Russian language publication and has gone through multiple translations before landing in our laps.

Apparently during the days of the USSR, September 1969, at a coal mining village known as Rzhavchik Tisulskago in the Kemerovo region, a very strange marble coffin was unearthed. In a core coal seam , at a depth of about 230 ft. [70 meters] a miner discovered this masterfully crafted marble casket. When he reported it, all work in the mine was ground to a halt by order of the command center.

Opening it, once it was brought to the surface was no easy task. Workers chipped away at the edges of the fossilized putty with minimal effects. Eventually the heat of the sun, which it had not seen in many millennia melted the putty which pooled into clear liquid and flowed away like molasses.

Once opened another bizarre sight was seen, the casket was completely filled with pinkish blue clear liquid. Embalmed at the base of the liquid was a slender, cummly young woman. Witnesses placed her at about 30 years old. She was of Caucasian stock with curly hair and unusually large wide-open blue eyes. Her fingers were neatly manicured. Basically she bore all the hallmarks of a privileged class, a Princess perhaps.

She wore a short sleeved white lace dress embroidered with colorful flowers. Witnesses sated that she appeared to be asleep rather than dead. Unfortunately a kiss from a handsome prince or even a toad could not awaken this princess, she was long dead. At her head was a small black oblong metal box, rounded at one end less than 10 inches in length.

The details and description of the Tisulsky Princess sounds eerily similar to a discovery near Rome....

Sometime during the Papacy of Paul III [1468-1549] , along the ancient Roman road known as the Appian Way, a tomb was opened, inside was the body of a fair young woman swimming in a "juice", which kept it from decaying, the entire cadaver was lifelike, subtle and very beautiful. Her hair was yellow, which was not unknown -but not common in ancient Rome/Italia. See: Perpetual Lamps - Daughter Of Cicero

Eventually the coffin was put on display for all the villagers could have a gander. But alas within a day a government helicopter landed and quarantined the area, chasing onlookers pushed away. Anybody who came into contact with the casket or was what was deemed to be too close was also quarantined.

The story is scoffed at in Russia as an urban legend today, even though many of the details remain consistent.

One detail that I found bothersome is the part where villagers state that casket was too heavy for the helicopter to lift so they pumped the fluid out. When the fluid was removed as per the story, the corpse began to blacken, when the liquid was poured back in, the blackness rapidly disappeared. How would the villagers know this if they were not allowed near the casket at this point ?

5 days later after the caskets removal, a professor from Novosibirsk came to investigate. According to the professor, the casket should be in the ballpark of 800 million years old. It had to be older than the coal, because the coal formed around her coffin. This discovery refuted evolutionary theory. The professor stated that this discovery would turn their very understanding of human history upside down.

Many other artifacts have been discovered embedded in coal around the world, relics that should not exist by our conventional evolutionary theories. A 300 Million Year Old Iron Pot and other artifacts discovered in Oklahoma See: Ancient Civilization in Oklahoma or a large cuplike spoon, was discovered inside coal in Pennsylvania. Other man-made objects recovered from coal seams include an exquisite gold chain (1891),3 an iron thimble (1883),4 an iron pot (1915),5 a borer or drill bit (1853),6 coins (1901),7 a 'steel' cuboid-shaped tool (1885),8 even a carved stone plate bearing the image of a man's face (1897) [ Fossil Artifacts Found in Coal]. But an actual Human Body - well the Tisulsky Princess is one of a kind.

Coal, as per our current understanding was formed from 65 to 800 million years ago. Human beings as per our current understanding did not exist at that time. So either coal was formed much more recently or Human history is much older than we know.

As per legend the Tisulsky area was surrounded by the military after the professors visit, police went door to door, removing “dangerous” citizens. Within a year [as per the legend] all of the original coffin witnesses were allegedly killed in car crashes, one after another.

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Note: The body pictured on this page is not of the Tisulsky Princess - no photos are known to exist. It is a picture of a woman named Jasna Jernejšek.