Bridgewater Triangle

Paranormal Vortex
or Hoaxful Hot Spot

Bridgewater Triangle Location and Brief History

The Bridgewater Triangle is a roughly 200 square mile region in South Eastern Massachusetts abouth 30 miles south of Boston. Paranormal activity is higher than normal in this region and has been for many Centuries. The hub and focal point of this activity appears in and around an area known as the Hockomock Swamp. Hockomock encompasses just shy of 17,000 acres within what is now the Freetown State Forest, Hockomock is the largest freshwater swamp in Massachusetts. It also has historical significance in that it was a staging ground and stronghold of the Wampanoag tribe in colonial wars with the English. Hockomock translates from the native language to "place where spirits dwell" and history has recorded an unusually high occurrence of 'spirit' and related paranormal phenomena in and around the swamp, the earliest recorded being in 1760.

News Clipping Hockomock Swamp

The larger region, defined as the "bridgewater Triangle" [1] includes a swath of land much more immense than the swamp itself. Within this hypothetical "Bridgewater traingle" are the 6 towns of Raynham, Taunton, Brockton, Mansfield, Norton and Easton, the swamp is roughly dead center of these communities. Allegedly, Native Americans cursed the swamp in the colonial era due to the poor treatment they'd received from the English settlers, the settlers labeled it The Devil’s Swamp. Some tales state that native spirits of the numerous burial sites in the swamp and forest unleash their angst in retaliation for the massacres and atrocities that are said to have taken place there, in effect cursing the forest. Others sources say the tribal elders cursed the land. In the modern Satanists take a fancy to the swamp for bizarre rituals and sacrifices.

"In the Freetown-Fall River forest, meanwhile, police have investigated a series of satanic activities, most of them in the 1970s and the 1980s. According to police reports, the murders of three women were linked to satanists who held rituals there, a dozen baby calves were slaughtered, birds were sacrificed in the center of pentagrams, animal bones of all types were discovered, and graves (both mausoleums and pet cemeteries) were robbed." - ‘Bridgewater Triangle’ film cites litany of mysteries - Boston Globe

The Swedenborgians

Another tidbit from the the triangles history is the presence of a colonial era Christian quasi-occult sect that once roamed in the area. Near the base of a seldom traveled wooden bridge lies the Solitude Stone. It was relatively recently rediscovered, as the ravages of nature and time had left it obscured by moss and vegetative overgrowth. A 150-year-old inscription is carved into it

All ye, who in future days
Walk by Nuckatesset stream
Love not him who hummed his lay
Cheerful to the parting beam,
But the Beauty that he wooed,
In this quiet solitude.

The carving is thought to have been left by a Reverend Timothy Otis Paine onetime leader of the New Church of Jerusalem, a sect founded on the principles of the occultist Emmanuel Swedenborg. .

Swedenborg was a renaissance man of the 1700s, delving into science and spiritualism. He claimed to have experienced dreams and visions that triggered a "spiritual awakening" and revelation that he was appointed by Christ to pen his "Heavenly Doctrine" . According to The Heavenly Doctrine, Swedenborg was a sort of new-age prophet endowed by the Lord to freely visit the spiritual realms of both heaven and hell to converse with angels and demons alike. As per Swedenborg, once we depart the physical world we go through several after-lives. {see wikipedia article - ]

Strange Hockomock Landmarks

Dighton Rock

Within the swamp itself On the banks of the Tauntaon River lies Dighton Rock which is across from the Grassy Island Burial Grounds . Multiple rock carvings, undecipherable hieroglyphics, inscriptions of ancient origins are carved into Dighton Rock. Assorted theories attribute them to the Wampanoag tribe and Vikings.

Dighton Rock Massachusetts

Other theories suggest Portuguese, Phoenicians, Egyptians, Jews, Chinese as characteristics from these languages have been gleaned from the carvings. For Centuries researchers have been trying to decipher the mysterious carvings' origin, but the inscriptions origins have never been accurately ascertained, although they are most likely from the Wampanoag or another indigenous tribe of yesteryear.

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Possessed Child and Exorcist


Dragons and Human ancestors

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The All Mocking Tongue

Mind over Matter

Preserved Pygmy Skeletons

Grassy Island Burial Ground

Grassy Island, across the river from the enigmatic Dighton boulder poses another curious tale in its own right. As per Edmund Burke Delabarre writing for the American Anthropologist [Prehistoric Skeleton from Grassy Island, New Series, Vol. 30, No. 3 (Jul. - Sep., 1928), pp. 476-480 ] mysterious tombs on the Island were unsealed " When archaeologists excavated a burial ground located on Grassy Island in the Hockomock Swamp and opened the graves, the red ochre within the tombs mysteriously bubbled and dissolved. Photographs of the site would not develop." Those prone to the phantasmagorical would envision an evil red cloud infused with tormented spirits escaping into the atmosphere, but in all likelihood what those opening the graves experienced was a chemical reaction between the graves contents and the air, to which it had not been exposed to for many many moons.

Profile Rock

Profile Rock is another strange location within the Bridgewater triangle. It has historical significance as the place where a Wampanoag historical figure, Anawan , received a prized wampum belt. The Wampanoag wampum belt was subsequently lost during clashes with colonials. Some say that this lost belt has caused significant anger amongst the "ghost warriors" whose spirits still roam the Bridgewater Triangle region.

Spirits and Creatures of Bridgewater Triangle

Hockomock Swamp Monster

Sightings of a Sasquatch like ape-man in the swamp area are not uncommon, they don't happen everyday but there is a trail of them dating back several decades. Descriptions are usually similar to the skunk ape of the South.

Newspaper Clipping Hockomock Swamp Monster

Thunderbirds and Pterosaurs

Thunderbirds and assorted giant flying creatures similar to supposedly extinct pterodactyl / pterosaurs are on the venue at hockomock swamp. The oldest [known] reported sighting only dates to the early 1970s. 'Reports of bioluminescent nocturnal predatory flying creatures are common place in Indonesia, they are known locally as the "Kor" . The south pacific Kor and similar creatures which may be smaller, younger versions are known as the 'ropen' both bare striking resemblances to what science dictates the allegedly extinct pteosaurs look[ed] like. Nocturnal creatures that glow are not mythical or imaginary, the phenomena is known as Bio luminescence. It is a well documented natural phenomena, the most commonly known example is the firefly but it has also been observed in fungi, marine vertebrates and invertebrates, microorganisms and even some owls [ Luminous Flying Dinosaurs ]. Assuming that creatures resembling pterodactyls do exist in the hockomock swamp, their bioluminesence may also help to explain not only the abington fireballs, but also numerous reports of UFOs from the area.

Abington Fireballs

Gentleman’s Magazine', a defunct publication of the colonial era, reported that on May 10, 1760, in mid morning a "sphere of fire" was reported hovering and emiting an intense light. The light was seen in both Bridgewater and nearby Roxbury. The Magazine describes this light as a meteor, which it may well have been. Meteor or not, similar phenomena occur to this day and are known as the abington fireballs. The fireballs do not adhere to the behavior of meteors and several videos of them appear on youtube, unfortunately the only trace of the 1760 incident comes from the aforementioned magazine. See: STRANGE LIGHTS OVER THE BRIDGEWATER TRIANGLE

The Pukwudgie

The Pukwudgie was incorporated into the Harry Potter series, it's one of four houses at Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and depicted as magical creatures in the Harry Potter universe. The origins of the Pukwudgie however goes back to Native American folk-lore of the Wampanoag {Other tribes such as the Delaware also have similar characters]. Henry Schoolcraft, an American scholar and researcher, noted for his major six-volume study of Native Americans translated Pukwudgie as "little wild man of the woods that vanishes".

rendering of a pukwudgie1Source: The Bridgewater Triangle Documentary

They are said to be nasty little people / creatures at anywhere from 2-to-5-foot-tall. Most Native American lore has them as being friendly to humans at one time, but having turned against them. According to legend, anyone who bothered a Pukwudgie would be the victims of retribution, Pukwudgies would stalk victims,cause them trouble whenever possible. They are said to kidnap people, attack victims with knives and spears, and assorted arsenals of primitive weaponry. These mythical creatures are able to use magic, they can appear or disappear at will. Lore states they can control the souls of Native Americans they have killed.

In the modern era, there are sporadic sightings most lack serious credibility. The case of Bill Russo is noteworthy. Russo lived adjacent to the hockomock swamp for many years. One evening he came face to face with a creature that fits the description of the pukwudjie. His story is self published at Bill Russo Survived a Puckwudgie from the Bridgewater Triangle

Haunted Locations Within the Bridgewater Triangle

Taunton State Hospital

Lizzie Borden took an ax gave her mother 40 wacks, when she saw what she had done she gave her father 41 and then it is said was briefly held in the Taunton asylum although some dispute this Apparently she was never admitted to the hospital but held in its jail. Visitors have reported being touched by unseen spirits while visiting the abandoned abode of the mentally ill. Tales of terror include people experiencing nausea and quiziness that accompanies a sense of terror. The main building was abandoned in 1975.

Assonet Ledge

Visitors have reported seeing apparitions either standing by the ledge or running and jumping off of it. This brings to bear the Pukwudgie legends which state they force victims to jump off cliffs and than take possession of their souls.

Copicut Road

The Mad Trucker of copicut Rd. is an urban legend. Travelers report seeing a large truck tailgate them flash his lights and wildly flail his arms before disappearing.




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