Human Brain
Successfuly connected to Android

Scientists at Stanford University pioneered eye tracking technology that utilizes eye motion to control computer interface devices, the mouse, keyboard and so forth. It is basically what future scientists will consider primitive, like comparing a lamborghini to a horseless carriage. The eye tracking technology is at times innaccurate, and always very tiring for the user.

The next step in Stanfords BrainGate program hooked up a woman sufferring from Lou Gehrigs disease to a Nexus tablet, she was able to control the tablet with her brainwaves. This phase of the reseach bypassed the eyes and implanted a pill sized 100 channel electrode microarray directly into the segment of the patients brain that controls movement.

The neuroprosthetic communicated with the nexus via Bluetooth protocols, basically the brains Neural signals were decoded in real time allowing the patient to type out words on a specially designed keyboard by mentally focusing on the words she wanted to spell out.

The Braingate team is now focusing on ways to integrate other common computer protocols such as click-and-drag, copy and paste and so forth in order to expand the technology to more patients and operating platforms.


“Our goal is to unlock the full user interface common to general-purpose computers and mobile devices,” stated Paul Nuyujukian of BrainGates Stanford team. “This is a first step towards developing a fully-capable brain-controlled communication and computer interface for restoring function for people with paralysis.”

Meanwhile across state lines at Rhode Islands Brown University are developing a wireless sensor that it hopes will allow future users to translate their thoughts into actions without being hard wired to a device. It is intended for paralysis victims.

Are brain implants the future of thinking? - Brain-computer interface technology is moving fast and Silicon Valley is moving in. Will we all soon be typing with our minds? Will Google and Future Facebook style "woketards" control our thoughts ?!

BrainGate tech lets paralyzed volunteers control a tablet via their thoughts

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Mind Over Matter Quantum Physics

Quantum entanglement is a phenomena whereby two subatomic particles are 'entangled' and ones actions will influence the others instantaneously, regardless of the distance between the two. Taking quantum entanglement a step further there lies a truly bizarre supposition of quantum theory that states the very act of observing, affects the observeds reality. It's mind over matter squared. Some mysterious force apparently linked to consciousness has an effect on subatomic particles. Unexplainable is that the very act of observing the particle[s] has an effect on their reality, basically it's mind over matter.