What are 'Blue Avians'

Interdimensional Intelligent Alien Species ?

Depiction of Blue Avian

Blue Avians are either an interdimensional species of highly intelligent peaceful beings that have been guiding mankind for millenia, or the product of a warped mind craving notoriety.

The word Avian as per dictionary.com means 'of or relating to birds' so basically a blue bird would be a Blue Avian. However when discussing aliens, ancient aliens, and hypothetical interdimensional species, the term blue Avian refers to a postulated species that resemble birds and have come to be called 'Blue Avians'.

Enthusiasts claim these creatures are on a continuing mission 'to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.' The earthbound facet of their mission is to asisst humanity in our spiritual development and shift the consciousness of humankind for it's own betterment. Basically to guide us on our ascension to higher levels of spiritual evolution.


Guiding mankind for millenia

Blue Avians it is claimed have been guiding mankind throughout History. Some of the depictions of ancient Egyptian deities such as Ra, the Sun God and Thoth his side kick were depicted as having bird like heads. They had several creation myths, one states that when dry land arose from the sea of chaos, the first deity to appear was a bird like deity known as Benu, a blue avian, actually a heron but close.

Image Cortesy Of Ashtar.locals.com

Blue Avian Message

In India, Garuda is a bird like deity said to be the sworn enemy of the reptilian Naga race, he is subordinate to the deity Vishnu and serves as his flying stallion. The Eagle Kochina of Hopi legend and lore is a human like deity with wings and an eagles head, commonly rendered as blue, sometimes variant shades of blue greens.

Advocates of the Blue Avians as an ancient race of aliens point to these myths from antiquity as proof of the presence of the mysterious race, they however ignore the fact that many ancient cultures, Egyptian in particular commonly delved into zoology to depict their deities. They used deities with dogs heads, crocodiles and so forth as did other cultures worldwide.


Blue Avians in The Modern Era

In the modern era depictions of the Blue Avians originate largely from the claims of a messianic prophet of the coming age known as Corey Goode, with whom the Blue avians and their 'sphere being alliance' have chosen to communicate with [ See: Ascension Chronicles] . Corey like Moses and Mohammed before him relays their message to us less worthy Humans. He has basically founded what some critics have claimed is the 'Cult of Corey" [1] . It is claimed they have multi dimensional facets, which if you attempt to follow the blogs by Corey Goode and his 'apostles' becomes intricately confusing and convoluted. Their physical beings in our dimension however resemble a cross between birds and primates as depicted above.

They apparently do not use space craft as Captain Kirk or even Luke Skywalker would appprove of. Instead they travel via spherical devices dispatched to various points in the Universe.

They are said to communicate via a form of telepathy and commonly open a dialogue with homo sapiens via our dreams. They also communicate in the physical realm via a form of sign language. Besides Corey Goode there are others whom have claimed to have communicated with Blue Avians. Corey Goode denounces this possibility, stating that the Blue Avians do not communicate in this manner. Corey has basically stated that 'I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Blue Avians except through me.' or some facsimile thereof.

Ancient Aliens and the Exotic Gods. Winged Angels, Shining Ones, Norns, Blue Avians, and Little Green Men

"We called them gods — these humanoids who came down out of the sky. They were black, white, red, yellow, blue, and brown — but some were exotic, frighteningly so, where even to look upon one meant certain death: “There shall no man see me and live,” said the Lord to Moses.

Extraterrestrials came in many forms: Blue avian bird-men traveled with mantis humanoids and merged their DNA into ours, according to Navajo lore. Blue elves in the British Isles mirrored our lives in every respect, as if learning how to be us, while little green men taught Native Americans the art of medicine. Cherubs were four-winged humanoids whose bodies emanated fire or light, while Enoch was terrified by the Grigori soldier-angels he encountered whose height was “greater than that of the great giants.” We also encountered shining and luminous beings. Meanwhile, two giants born of extraterrestrial fathers brought five warring tribes together in peace to heal "the twisted minds of men."


In 1987, the United States Senate formally acknowledged the contribution of the Iroquois Confederacy of Nations to the development of the U.S. Constitution, as originally created by extraterrestrials who taught us that peace cannot exist without laws. And thus, the Constitution of the United States formed its original basis from extraterrestrial law." From amazon.com



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