Mystery of The Black Stick Men

One of the stranger phenomena that many people have grappled with consists of things glimpsed out of the corner of an eye. Such sightings often take place when a witness is overly fatigued or stressed. Such sightings also take place in isolated areas, such as a deserted stretch of road or highway or another abandoned location.

One modern creature that so far is neither paranormal nor related to the UFO phenomenon is what some call Black Stick Men. These beings are self-explanatory: they are walking stick figures, devoid of any human detail. Imagine the type of stick figures children draw at the most rudimentary level, with the heads lacking any facial details, such as hair, eyes, ears, a nose, or even a mouth. Although those who claim to have seen these things say they 'feel' male, they are more likely genderless, given that they have no characteristics of either of the sexes.

What's really interesting about these creatures is that they have come into popular culture distinctly through witness accounts. In other words, Black Stick Men do not figure in websites such as Creepypasta (at least, not yet) or on television shows such as Ghosthunters or others. The phenomenon began as early as 2008, with witnesses describing their encounters of message forums and small websites.

Like the Slenderman urban legend, the Black Stick Men are unusually tall but are described as either unusually lean or oddly shifting between two and three dimensions.




They are black and have no human details (just their overt structure as a stick figure). Although there are witness accounts, to date no one has captured such a being in a photograph or on video.

Witnesses claim that the Black Stick Men almost glide when they move, creating a slight field of static in the air about them. They shun humans, typically running away. In cases in which they are for some reason cornered, Black Stick Men will advance, making wild furtive movements to facilitate escape. Although these beings have not caused harm to humans, some witnesses claim that they felt an air of malevolence when in the presence of a Black Stick Man.

Although childishly silly when first described, closer inspection may indicate that Black Stick Men may be inter-dimensional (or more clearly, other-dimensional) beings or even a variant of shadow people. They could also represent a psychological manifestation, given that in most encounters witnesses claim to be really tired, tense, or both. Regardless of their origin, Black Stick Men are quite creepy and make for an interesting addition into the world of Cryptozoology . Original Examiner Article By Octavio Ramos