Barmanou Wild Man-Ape

Pakistans and Afghanistans Sasquatch


The Barmanou is a human-ape like creature reported in the mountains of western Pakistan and Afghanistan, in particular a region known as Shishi Kuh Valley. Mountain Shepherds have reported sightings for Centuries. Some cryptozoologists consider it the local equivalent of the yeti or Central Asian Almas while others put it in a class by itself.

The Barmanou, as per reports differs from yeti in that its human like characteristics are more pronounced than its ape-like ones. As per local lore it is fond of Human Women and has at times abducted and attempted to rape them. It has also been reported to be sometimes clothed in animal skins. Legends describe it as both Ape and Wild man.

Sightings of this creature are commonly accentuated with tales of its nauseating stench, which runs parallel to stories of the Skunk Ape.

In the 1980s Jordi Magraner, a Spanish zoologist began researching the Barmanou, his project culminated in his murder allegedly at the hands of Taliban in 2002. During his research Magraner collected over 50 first hand eyewitness accounts.

They located and interviewed witnesses who claimed they had seen the barmanu. Witnesses picked out 'homo pongoides' from a selection of drawings of apes, yeti like creatures and fossil humanoid reconstructions.

Homo pongoides is a hypothetical classification of a new and allegedly hitherto unknown form of humanoid, based on what may or may not be a hoax - the Minnesota Iceman.

Magraner's expedition also believes they found barmanu footprints. Magraner and two associates further stated they had heard two series of unusual guttural sounds that they believed had been made by a primitive primate, but were unable to record the noise.

Magraner was attempting to prove that relic populations of hitherto thought to be extinct species of man such as Homo Erectus and Neanderthal are responsible for many of the reports of wildmen and Yeti. See - Jordi Magraner's Paper on the Pakistani Wildman

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