Ayia Napa Sea Monster

Sea Monster 1st Century Roman Mosaic.

Ancient Sea Monster Still Trolls Greek Waters ?

The Ayia Napa sea monster is a cryptid that lurks off the coast of Cyprus, an Island in the Mediterranean. Local fishermen have dubbed it 'The Friendly Monster' or 'To Filiko Teras' as it has never been known to behave in an agressive manner, although it sometimes wreaks havoc with their nets.

Sightings are concentrated around an area known as Cape Greco. Over the years there have been a multitude of sightings and speculation is that it is kin to crocodiles or extremely large eels.

No hard evidence outside of verbal reports and local lore exists to support its existance. Some descriptions have it bearing a resemblance to a sea monster out of Greek mythology known as Scylla. Allthough physical desscriptions, in some cases paralell that of mythology, its temperment certainly doesn't, perhaps modern day avatars have mellowed a tad from its leviathan ancestors, the Scylla of Greek myth was said to kill anyone it came across.

Ancient Pebble Mosaic Floor of Scylla sea monster 3rd Century.

According to a description from Hyginus, an ancient Roman author, it possessed 'more heads than the vase-painters could paint and whoever encountered it was killed almost instantaneously.' Reminiscent of Methusula, tale spun from Greek mythology is of a creature that was said to kill those who gazed upon it.

The expectation of possibly spotting the Ayia Napa Sea Monster remains a lofty goal of many tourists and the local tourist industry promotes it like the Scots promote Nessie of Loch Ness. There are other reports from the Island of monsters that dwell in the waters near Kouris Dam, but descriptions of those 'cryptids' leads one to believe that they are more likely crocodiles, which allthough not indigenous could well be escaped or released pets.

Descriptions of the Ayia Napa sea monster vary widely, many border on fantasmagorical and are obvioulsy dredged from antiquarian Greek mythology. A large serpent like sea creature with a woman's torso or six dog heads protruding from the midriff of the torso.