Alien Activity in Antiquity

UFO Chronology 1300s to 1700

Our Brothers in the Skies: The Hidden Truth Revealed Paperback  April 23, 2009by M. R. Fluet- ISBN-13: 978-1438936635

UFOs have been around as long as humanity - perhaps longer. Our legends and folk lore will frequently refer to them as oracles, stars, and so forth. Their occupants as gods, angels, star people or sky people. Their trail goes deep into antiquity, this page covers the period 1322 CE [AD] to 1704 CE.


England, Uxbridge there was seen in the sky a pile (pillar) of fire the size of a small boat, pallid and livid in color. It rose from the south, crossed the sky with a slow and grave motion, and went north. Out of the front of the pile, a fervent red flame burst forth with great beams of light. Its speed increased, and it flew through the air.


1361 Japan a flying object described as being "shaped like a drum, about twenty feet in diameter" emerged from the inland sea off the western Japanese coast.


England, the county of Leicester and in Northamptonshire. A fire in the sky, like a burning and revolving wheel, or round barrel of flame, emitting fire from above, and others in the shape of a long fiery beam, were seen through a great deal of the winter.


Japan. An object as bright as the full moon, followed by curious signs, was seen in the sky.


France, Arras. A fiery thing like an iron rod of good length and as large as one half of the moon was seen in the sky for less than a quarter of an hour. This object was also described as being "shaped like a ship from which fire was seen flowing."


Japan. A dark object, which made a "sound like a wheel," flew from Mt. Kasuag toward the west at midnight.


From "The Life And Voyages Of Christopher Columbus.Life and Voyages of Columbus" Christopher Columbus and Pedro Gutierrez while on the deck of the Santa Maira, observed, "a light glimmering at a great distance." It vanished and reappeared several times during the night, moving up and down, "in sudden and passing gleams." It was sighted 4 hours before land was sighted, and taken by Columbus as a sign they would soon come to land.


Romania, Moldavia: A large blue glowing disk appeared and remained in the sky for some time.


Erfurt, Prussia: Two burning suns were observed. The report says that a great burning beam then landed, took off again and then became circular in shape.


Holland: From the Siege of Utrecht in Holland. ' A cruel and strange sight was seen in the sky, which terrified the townspeople and made the enemy think he would get the city. It was the form of a Burgundian cross right over the city, high in the sky, yellow in color, and fearful to behold.'


Two burning suns were seen at Erfurt, Prussia. Then a great 'burning beam, landed suddenly. It took off again into the sky, where it became circular in shape.


France: 'There appeared, about the moon, a burning fire, emitting a great noise, what seemed to be the point of a lance, turning form side to side, from east to west, casting out flames on all sides.'


Germany, Tubingen: "Objects came out of the clouds resembling large, tall and wide hats and they landed in great numbers and in a variety of colors." From Pierre Boaistuan, French chronicler of the unusual - Quoted in Global Implications of the UFO RealityGlobal Implications of the UFO Reality Paperback  October, 2003 by David E. Twichell ISBN-13: 978-0741417565


England, London: A "flying dragon" surrounded by flames was seen over the city.

The Spaceships of Ezekiel Mass Market Paperback  June 21, 1974 - by Josef F. Blumrich - ISBN-13: 978-0552095563


Japan, Nijo Castle: A whirling ball of fire was seen hovering over the castle. [7]


Switzerland, Fluelan: A prefect of a Swiss Canton saw a long, bright object flying along a lake near Fluelen.


England: From diarist, The The Diary of John Evelyn Diary of John Evelyn - UFO encounter . 'I must not forget what amazed us exceedingly the night before, namely, a shining cloud in the air in a shape resembling a sword, the point reaching to the north. It was as bright as the moon, the rest of the sky being very serene. It began about 11 at night and vanished not till about one, being seen by all the south of England.'


Germany, Hamburg: A fireball which "moved in bounds up and down" was observed. [7]


Russia, Robozero: A fiery ball of light stopped over a lake at Robozero, The noisy object gave out blue smoke and two beams of light projected ahead of it. Fisherman on the lake were burned by the intense heat. The object disappeared and returned again about one hour later. It was observed by many groups of witnesses.


Edmond Haley, the astronomer who discovered Haley's comet, could recall two accounts involving unidentified crafts. His first experience was in March of, when he saw a, as he said, "Vast body apparently bigger than the moon." He estimated it at 40 mi. above him. He also stated that it made a noise, "Like the rattling of a great cart over stones." After estimating the distance it traveled in a matter of minutes, he came to the conclusion that it moved at a speed greater than 9,600 m.p.h. [1]


Germany, Leipzig: A fiery ball of light was seen to travel east to west before hovering some seven minutes in the sky at an estimated altitude of 30 miles. It was about half the size of the moon and gradually vanished from view. - Our Brothers in the Skies: The Hidden Truth Revealed Pg. 50 [7]


Wales, Montgomeryshire: 'A fiery exhalation...a furlong broad rose out of the sea burning straw, hay and barns. Grass tainted, killing cattle, and skin affected. [2]


USA: In the US, there is an 18th century Indian legend about luminous humanoid beings who paralyzed people with a small tube. In variations of these tales, Indian women were even said to have married a couple of these "star people". Our Brothers in the Skies: Our Brothers in the Skies Pg. 51 [7]

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Chippewa Sky Man Circa 1700

According to Chippewa legend some Chippewa were walking over the plains when they saw someone sitting on the grass. It was a man. When they approached, he halted them by raising his hand. 'He said, I don't belong here. I dropped from the above.' They wished to take him home with them. He told them to go home and clean the place where he was to stay. Then he would return with them.

After they had done this, they came back for him. He was a nice-looking man, clean and shining bright. He stayed with them. 'Every day at sundown, he watched the sky. In a clear voice he said, something will come down, I will go up.' He said he had been running in the sky. There was an open place; he couldn't stop running, so he dropped through. One day in the afternoon he said, 'Now it's coming.' Everyone looked up but they could see nothing for a long time. The man who had kept the 'Sky mans at his home could see better than the others. He saw a brilliant star shining way up in the sky.

The other Indians didn't see it until it came near the ground. They had never seen anything nicer in the world. Two men got a hold of it and pulled it down. The 'sky-man' got into it. Then it rose and he was gone. They had tried to get him to stay but he said that he must go. See: Chippewa Sky Man


Hamburg Germany, People saw the sky 'crisscrossed with sparkling boat-like objects' chasing one another, blending and separating, multiplying in plain view. [4]

"Among all things that can be contemplated under the concavity of the heavens, nothing is seen that arouses the human spirit more, that ravishes the senses more, that horrifies more, that provocates more terror or admiration than the monsters, prodigies and abominations through which we see the works of nature inverted, mutilated and truncated - The Signs of Man Pierre Boaistuan 1561

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