Adrenochrome - The Luciferian Drug ?

Are luciferian elitists harvesting this
coveted Drug from abducted Children ?

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The Adrenochrome Witch   Aztec Adrenochrome

Author: Richard Rajotte

The best way to discredit a conspiracy theory is to call it a conspiracy theory. The Adrenochrome saga available for public consumption is just that, a conspiracy theory. Much of what is available regarding Adrenochrome is pulp fiction, conspiracy theory nonsense, but by no means all of it. Conspiracy theorists have sewn together an impressive bouquet of circumstantial evidence that ties Adrenochrome in with Satanists, The Illuminati, luciferians, ritual human sacrifice, child abduction and so forth.

Basic Science Behind Adrenochrome

Adrenochrome is a naturally occurring chemical compound produced by the oxidation of adrenaline. The adrenal glands are endocrine glands that produce a variety of hormones one of which is adrenaline, also known as epinephrine. Epinephrine is a common pharmacy item, [Such as in an "EPI-pen] purified active epinephrine is obtained from animal adrenal glands, while adrenochrome comes from humans. It is sometimes produced synthetically. Epinephrine is injected into the heart during heart attacks to stimulate cardiac activity. Adrenochrome is the same base chemical, that has been further oxidized [3]

Studies from the psychedelic era of the 60s and some earlier 1950s demonstrated that adrenochrome produced psychotic reactions, thought disorders and a detatchment from reality. Some researchers claimed that adrenochrome plays a role in schizophrenia and various mental disorders. In 'The Doors of Perception' [1962], Aldous Huxley mentioned the discovery and possible effects of adrenochrome which he likened to the symptoms of mescaline intoxication. Some subjects from the Hoffer Study [2013 - Effect of Adrenochrome and Adrenolutin on the behavior of animals and the psychology of Man ] compared it to psilocybin and LSD .

In A Clockwork Orange [1962] it is fleetingly mentioned as a cocktail additive.

Researchers Abram Hoffer and Humphry Osmond in their "adrenochrome hypothesis", speculated that by reducing brain adrenochrome with megadoses of vitamin C and niacin they could cure schizophrenia. Although flaws in Hoffer's work on niacin were later reported and follow-up studies did not confirm any benefits of the treatment. These studies were largely discredited by the scientific community, either righteously or by design.

In a 1939 study [2], perfusion of adrenochrome was used to jump-start a frog’s heart, bringing the animal back from the dead and making adrenaline applications in heart attack patients standard of care to this day.

In a 1946 Belgian study [1], a perfusion of liquified adrenochrome to bring an intentionally frostbitten rabbit’s ear back to life, allowing doctors to restore vascularity and nerve stimulus response to previously necrotized tissue. The application of Adrenochrome restored nervous response to stimulus in the rabbit’s damaged skin. The findings led to the practice of applying adrenaline to incision sites, below sutures and stitches of surgical patients in order to hasten nerve regeneration and healing.

Adrenochrome Conspiracy

Come the 21st Century, circa 2015 and forward it has been speculated by conspiracy theorists that Adrenochrome is linked to child sex trafficking and ritual abuse of children, up to and including satanic human sacrifices. Adrenochrome secretion by the body is initiated by the release of adrenaline. A child undergoing torture as in a human sacrifice would naturally produce high levels of adrenaline. As per the conspiracy theory this is why luciferians and practitioners of black magic perform ritualized human sacrifices, keeping victims alive during the process.

As the claims go, adrenochrome in addition to being a coveted party drug also has incredible rejuvenative properties, only fleetingly documented by mainstream science. Rejuvenative as in anti-ageing, a fountain of youth extracted from the youngest humans. Survivors and witnesses [Alleged] to some of these Luciferian goings on state that the elitists take part in rituals in which they subject a person or multiple Individuals to unimaginable levels of pain and terror. A wine connoisseur will prefer a vintage wine, not so with adrenochrome connoisseurs, non-aged youth is preferable, they prefer torturing children as they consider them to produce a higher potency Adrenochrome. Adrenochrome extracted from children is also said to produce less of the morbid side effects associated with mass dosing of the adult version ... allegedly delusional psychosis and epileptic disorders. Juvenile adrenochrome they say, is chemically balanced in ways that reduced the side effects.

ITNJ Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse

Hunter S. Thompson

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S Thompson is the most commonly cited example of Adrenochrome use in popular culture. Many readers assumed it was Thompsons reporting of real events, that the Adrenochrome fad was real, as much of his literature was, the assumption was that it was what people really did. He describes adrenochome as a powerful hallucinogenic in the book, which as per earlier research it was [1,2]. Supposedly adrenochrome, as per the cult following, is highly addictive and can only be obtained from the gland of a recently deceased or soon to be dead human victim.

While Thompsons' books were fiction, many believe they were based on real life experiences. He certainly was a freaky dude, and I shant hesitate to speculate a sick sinister bastard. In an interview on the Letterman show, durring which he appears to be in a sort of crazed stupor, he confessed that he liked killing.

His secretary, Nickole Brown wrote in "In Memory of Hunter S. Thompson: Postcard From Louisville, Kentucky"

... he never held a gun to my head or laid a finger on me, but that’s not to say he didn’t throw a tantrum or two. Paranoid, he would lock everyone out of his cabin for hours at a time, intermittently setting off his alarm and firing guns into the air. One time I watched him beat his car because his cigarettes were locked inside, and another time he threw me out of the house for refusing to watch a snuff film.


A snuff film is a video of a person being raped and or killed and is generally sold on the dark web to warped wonders such as Hunter Thompson.

Russel Nelson claim that Thompson wasn’t fictionalizing or joking so far as his devious aversions. Nelson was the personal photographer of notorious pedophile Lawrence E. King jr.. He claimed that Thompson offered to pay him $100,000 to shoot a snuff film of a child. He claims to have turned the offer down, within a week of Hunter Thompsons' mysterious death he was arrested and his computers and cameras were seized.

In his 2005 book Hey Rube: Blood Sport, the Bush Doctrine, and the Downward Spiral of Dumbness he states:

“The autumn months are never a calm time in America. Back to Work, Back to Football Practice, etc… Autumn is a very Traditional period, a time of strong Rituals and the celebrating of strange annual holidays like Halloween and Satanism and the fateful Harvest Moon, which can have ominous implications for some people…” “There is always a rash of kidnapping and abductions of schoolchildren in the football months. Preteens of both sexes are traditionally seized and grabbed off the streets by gangs of organized perverts who traditionally give them as Christmas gifts to each other to be personal sex slaves and playthings.“

Which brings us to Paul Bonacci ..

The Case of Paul Bonacci

Paul Bonacci, a one time resident of Boys Town in Nebraska describes being abducted, flown from an Air Force Base in Omaha to Andrews A.F.B. in Washington DC, and forced to take part in bizarre orgies and rituals in Washington D.C. He was supposedly a victim of the Franklin child prostitution ring involving the aforementioned Lawrence King.

Elements of the Franklin case overflowed into what came to be known as the Washington “Call Boy” Scandal. The Washington Post, which at that time was a reputable news source called it “ The Bombshell That Didn’t Explode.”

Bonacci gave some some frightening testimony. He described ritual sex parties with the elitists of both political parties, George H.W. Bush being one of them. He claims to have been sodomized for hours by dozens of stoned adult men , and forced to engage in sex with other teens, both boys and girls. He also states that he was forced to kill another boy at the culmination of the ritual.

Another part of Bonacci’s testimony was an account of how he and another boy were transported to Las Vegas and forced to rape a third. A grown man ‘dressed in a executioners robe’ sodomized and shot the frightened little boy in the head at point blank range while being filmed. As per Bonacci Hunter Thompson was the director of the film.

In exchange for his testimony Bonacci was indicted on charges of perjury, never convicted. In 1999 he won a $1 million law-suit against Larry King , the presiding judge ruled Bonacci was truthful in his testimony, which included his claim that he was one of several young male prostitutes known to have toured the White House in the 80s. Bonacci passed multiple polygraph tests as part of an investigation that was eventually squashed by the FBI.

Another alleged victim of this Franklin scandal was Alisha Owens, who was sentenced to 25 years prison for refusing to tailor her story to suit the elites involved in the Franklin Scandal. She served four and a half years of that sentence.

Gary Caradori was an investigator hired by the Nebraska Legislature to investigate the Franklin scandal. He interviewed both Owens and Bonacci, as well as others.

Law Enforcement Puts a Dent in Human Trafficking - Milk Carton Kids Set Free

Child Sex Trafficking

Caradori was a trained Investigator and interviewer with law enforcement experience and a high degree of credibility. He died in a private airplane crash along with his young son. The crash was labeled 'suspicious' and his paperwork on the case was never located.

The story of Paul Bonacci, although horrific in it details, never mentions Adrenochrome per se, it does touch on some of the conspiracy theory rants surrounding the alleged elitist Adrenochrome cult. There are certainly elements of truth to the Bonacci story as well, but it is no smoking gun.

The Adrenochrome Witch

Supposedly P. Diddy aka Sean Combs authored a book "The Adrenochrome Witch". However, it is quite possible that he did not write it and his name may have been used in a scam. The book purported to be by Combs was posted on self-publishing platforms. It is said to be only seven pages long. Supposedly it was once sold on Barnes and Noble, if it was, all traces of it have been scrubbed. One place I was able to locate it are on a site called the nook @ $100 for a 7 page book ... Hmmm. It is also available on Google Play.

The prelude goes as follows ....

"Once upon a time in the land of Hollywood, many women came into acting careers, and were exposed to higher authorities who didn't know God, or accept the Lord Jesus Christ into their hearts as their eternal Savior. Many of these women started off innocent, and had good intentions when they entered the world of Hollywood and the elite. These women were subjected to people thought they could have anything in life they wanted, because they felt they could purchase anything with money. One of the most coveted things many of these women wanted, was eternal youth."

The tale goes on to allude to Adrenochrome use as detailed earlier in this article.

Aztecs and Adrenochrome

James True in Blueprints of Mind Control speculates that the ancient Aztec elite were Adrenochrome addicts. The sacrificial practices certainly align with what has been claimed of Modern Day [alleged] adrenochrome addicts.

"Adrenochrome is a chemical compound produced by the oxidation of adrenaline. Blood addicts extract adrenochrome through torture and blood-letting. The psychological torture produces the chemical in the victim’s bloodstream and can be ingested. It is said to produce a feeling of intense euphoria and power. It becomes highly addictive and bonds the user’s brain to a new high threshold turning the user into an instant addict. This is what the Aztec were doing. In school they told us sacrifices were performed to help crops grow. They were actually doing it to get high. Not all Aztec bloodletting ritual were sacrificial. Bloodletting was common and even included children."

....This blood was collected and baked into bread. The heart was considered the most potent. The adrenochrome was strongest when the heart was still alive. Deers, chickens, snakes, and even butterflies were farmed for adrenochrome. It comes from tears, too. The entire body excretes adrenalin. Tlaloc, the god of rain, would ask for the tears of children and they were sacrificed to him."

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