Apollo 14 - "Visitors Again"

Uncensored Recordings from Apollo 14

Apollo 14 Astronaut steps onto the Moon and states We've had Visitors again last night.

The Official Explanation

Edgar Mitchell on the Moon: 'We've had visitors again' Apollo Lunar Surface Journal

Apollo-14, The First EVA - Down the Ladder for EVA-1 at 115:03:24 [After unfolding the wheels, they have to lock the front legs and handle into place. NASA photo KSC-70C-165BW shows the MET (Modular Equipment Transporter) next to LM-8 at the Cape.]

115:03:24 Mitchell: Well, let's see...We've had visitors again.

115:03:28 Shepard: Yeah. Hardly worth mentioning.

115:03:33 Mitchell: Agree.

[Mitchell - "I think what we're talking about there is one of their patches, because they put the goddamn things all over the spacecraft and, whenever we opened up something, there would be one of them. It had a Roadrunner on it and was a parody of our patch."]

['Visitors...hardly worth mentioning,' is, of course, a very dry, joking dismissal of the backup crew.]

The official explanation, that he was referring to a mission patch left in jest by the back up crew ... okay ... yes that's it of course. Do you believe it ?